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  1. riteshtijoriwala

    EAD - business startup

    Hi vevi44 and JoeF, I have read in some other threads that entering USA on AP does not invalidate your H1-B and that you can continue to use it to work. If you use EAD then only it invalidates H1-B. H1-B + AP is valid combination and does not invalidate either. Is this not true? Thanks.
  2. riteshtijoriwala

    Renew EAD but use H1-B

    Hi, Has anybody applied or successfully renewed EAD when still on H1-B? My EAD is about to expire but I want to renew it in case I decide to change employers. Currently I am using H1-B. My wife is also on AOS (filed along with me) and she has been using her EAD. Can she apply independently without me for EAD/AP renewals? Thanks!
  3. riteshtijoriwala

    AP Renewal

    Hi, My AP/EAD is about to expire in Feb 2013 and I would like to apply for renewal as now its within 120 days window. I am currently on H1-B with pending I-485. When I was reading instructions for AP (http://www.uscis.gov.../i-131instr.pdf), it mentions on the first page that you don't need to apply if you meet A and B both. I think I do meet both these criteria and now I am not sure what to do. My questions: 1. Is it legal to apply for AP? 2. Since I applied for AP after July 2007 PD, I don't have to pay renewal fees. I am planning to use AP for all my future visits to India instead of getting H1-B visa renewed and paying additional fees. Has anybody recently done this and applied for AP who is in similar situation? 3. Are there any pointers for filling out EAD/AP forms besides the one on USCIS website? for e.g. what kind of explanation to provide, etc? Thanks for help.