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  1. konquistador

    Green card for Remote Worker (Working from Home)

    Hi Joe, can it be for future employment? Even though i work remotely from Iowa due to wife's job, we can plan to move back to CT if we get a Green Card. Would that be legal? I wonder how all the IT consulting firms handle these cases. They have consultants working at client places in different cities, but they still seem to file GC's for their employees from the location of the company.(where technically they would never work)? Thank you!
  2. Hi, i have a approved PERM application in CT and now in the process of applying for I-140. Due to family reasons i am planning to move to Iowa. My employer(manager at work) allows me to sign up for Remote Worker Program and lets me working from home in Iowa. But here are my questions 1) H1B Question: My employer has to file for an amendment of H1-B and that should take care of H1. Is there anything else required? 2) PERM/140 Question: During my PERM application employer had posted all the Job-Ads, Prevailing wage, Work location as CT. Now if i move to Iowa should i do it all over again in Iowa? or should i continue my I-140 as is in CT(in premium processing) and after its approved, then let USCIS know that i am moving to Iowa. Does it make any difference?
  3. konquistador

    EB2 I-140 Approved - Oct 2015 Info

    Hi, i dont think the new employer can apply I-485 for you without Labor/I-140 approved from new employer. So in your case your old employer has to apply for I-485 for you in good faith that you will work for them in future. Hope this helps Thanks, Kon
  4. Yes i agree that the previous employer has to apply for I-485 in this case. And they can apply EAD and Advanced Parole too simultaneously with I-485. This is in good faith that the employee will come back to work with the company in future. But i heard that its better to transfer back to previous employer and be on his payroll when I-485/EAD/AP is under processing. Is this true? Any recent statistics on this ? Also my question is that once EAD is approved(say after 6 months) and I-485 still pending, can i move to another employer and port the I-485? Should that new employer apply for Labor/I-140 again or can they directly transfer over the I-485? Thanks, Kon
  5. Hi All, here is my situation: a) Approved I-140 from my previous employer(Employer A) in my 6th year of H1B. b) Was offered a Full Time at (Employer B), so transferred and applied H1-extension for 3 more years based on I-140 from previous (employer A. ) c) Since then Employer B did not start my GC processing, whenever they wanted to start my PERM, they do Layoff Analysis and get stuck there. Since i am in my 8th year now, i am worried the new (Employer B) wont even start my GC till 9th year, which is risky. what are my options? 1) Can the new 'Employer B', get a second H1-B Extension for me based on I-140 from 'Employer A'? 2) In the meantime I heard Eb2 dates are moving ahead, if the dates become current , can my Previous 'Employer A' file for my EAD? or do i have to be a current employee for them to file my EAD? Any advice is appreciated? Thanks, Kon
  6. Hi, i work directly for a insurance client who holds my H1-B Visa. My wife recently moved to a different state for job reasons. Now i have asked my employer for Work From Home option, so that i can also move to my wife's place. My employer approved of a 60-40 flexible Work From Home arrangement, but to be legal i have to pay taxes in both the states.(My Employer state and my resident state) My question is more about my Green Card Process. How does the Work from Home option affect my greencard. My employer is currently about to file a LCA/PERM in the state where the company is located, so i wanted to make sure i wont have any issues if on my Pay-Stub it shows that i am paying taxes in 2 states. Any advise is appreciated. Thanks, Kon
  7. konquistador

    Travel to canada without US Visa Stamp in passport

    Thank you !. I have read about AVR(Automatic Visa Revalidation) but wanted to make sure i fall under the category. Thanks!
  8. Hello, My husband and I entered the US on L1 & L2 visa respectively, that expired in Mar 2013 and was then renewed until Dec 2014. So I am currently in the US on an extended L2 petition(I797) and I-94 that expire in Dec 2014. I do not have the visa stamped on my passport(Indian) as I have not traveled out of the US yet. However my husband did travel to India and got the L1 visa stamped on his passport. We are planning to visit Canada for a week for tourism(have applied for Canadian tourist visa). Can you please tell me if I absolutely require a stamped L2 visa on my passport for me to enter back into the US via air or by road? Or the extended L2 petition(I797) and I-94 are enough for me to enter into the US?
  9. konquistador

    Doctor: Extend H1b beyond 6th year!

    Hi, I will be finishing up my fellowship in Hematology/Oncology (On visa status H1B) in June 2014. I am currently in my 5th year of my H1B Visa.(Started my H1 in June 2008 and ending in June 2014) I am in process of finding a job in a hospital who are willing to sponsor my Green Card, but many employers are not willing to extend any job offers that far down the lane. So looks like my only option is to find an attorney and talk to him about NIW for EB2 ? Just wanted to confirm if there are any other options. Thanks in advance for your responses. Also, below is the list of lawyers i have short-listed as experts in MD Immigration. I plan to contact them regarding fees structure/recent approval rate etc. a) Murthy, b) ********** c) ********* and d) ************** Any other recommendations for lawyers?(I hope i am not breaking any forum rules, moderators please advise) Thanks, Kon
  10. konquistador

    Can i retain my priority date after employer change

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  11. konquistador

    140 approved - changing jobs - how does it work ?

    Hi Mitr, i am in a similar situation and worried if i will get the 3 years of extension based on Old Employers approved I-140 or not? Did it work out for you? Please let us know. Thanks, Kon
  12. Hi All, here is my situation. While i was returning from India after successfully getting my H1B extension stamping done. But at the port of entry in NY my I-94 was stamped with the expiry date of my Indian passport as it is getting expired within 2months rather than the H1B expiry date. I have already applied for my passport to get extension. What do i do next. What is the easiest way to get a new I-94 without going out of country? or do i have to go out of country again? Appreciate your help! Thanks, Kon
  13. konquistador

    I-140 Portability

    Hi All, I have a question on I-140 portability. Can you please help me ? a) As soon as the I-140 from current employer is approved , can we keep the priority date if we switch to a new employer or do we have to wait 180 days after the I-140 approval.? b) Also, can we get extended beyond the 6 years of H1B visa in the new employment based on I-140 approval of the old employer (provided it is not withdrawn).? Appreciate your help Thanks, Kon