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  1. adiludm@gmail.com

    H1B Transfers

    Thanks for the replies. My GC is in processing F2A category. and I thought changing jobs might effect the processing.
  2. adiludm@gmail.com

    H1B Transfers

    Hi All I have question regarding transferring of my H1 to different employers. My H1 is transferred to 4 companies so far. My last H1 transfer was last month. I have an offer now and I would want to take that offer. My question is how many times can I transfer my H1 and also how early after the previous approval I can transfer.
  3. adiludm@gmail.com

    H1 B Amendment - New Employer

    Hi All My visa got stamped July 6 2012 . I am in US since then . My employer changed in March . He applied for amendment. My question is do I need to get my visa stamped again if i am travelling. Appreciate your help in advance.
  4. Hi All I want to confirm about the Processing time for my Green Card when applied by a spouse who is on GC. I have heard that according to the new law its the same time to get Green Card through GC or Green Card through marrying a Citizen. Can anybody please confirm. How long does it take to approve I 130 and once I130 is approved and lets say my H1 period is finished can I still work in US legally. How does that work
  5. adiludm@gmail.com

    H1B Marrying to a GC holder

    Yes I will be married in 2 weeks from now.
  6. adiludm@gmail.com

    H1B Marrying to a GC holder

    If I understand this correctly she can apply for my I-130 immediately and need not wait till she gets citizenship.
  7. Hi All I am on H1B second term valid till April 2016. My Fiance is on GC and will be applying for citizenship next year. What are my options for applying GC. 1. Should I wait till she gets citizenship and then apply for GC. Or should I apply immediately. 2. If I apply immediately how long does it take? 3. How is my work status effected by this. ? 4. What measures should be taken if I don't want to go out of status. Thanks Adil
  8. adiludm@gmail.com

    Visit Visa for my year old nephew

    Hi I am on H1 and I want to call my bro-in-law and sister to USA. They both have Valid visit visas but my nephew who is year old doesnt have a visa. What documents should I send for his visit. And while filling DS-160 should be like filled as my nephew is filling it. for example who fillled the form on your behalf . Kindly help
  9. adiludm@gmail.com

    Visit Visa for my year old nephew

    Hi All I have a question My sister and bro-in-law both doctors in Qatar holds B1 visa and wants to travel to US. My nephew is an year old and he is Qatar born. He doesnt have a visa Yet. How my sisters family apply for visa and what documents would they need. Reason to travel US is just want to visit
  10. adiludm@gmail.com

    H1B Reaffirmed Called for Interview

    Few Suggestions. Go for reinterview asap . Take client letter and employer letter. One of the two things might happen. 1. You might be asked to fill a questionnaire and VO might keep the passport and return it after 15 days with stamp. 2. You might be given 221 g and your passport will be returned back to you.VO will contact your client and confirm if you still have a project and then ask to resubmit your passport within 10 days . So be positive. In either case you will get your Visa stamped. All the best .
  11. At sathys do u have a project in hand.and when r u flying
  12. adiludm@gmail.com

    Port Of Entry Without Project

    Thank you so much .. This gives me strength and I am giving interviews from India as well.
  13. adiludm@gmail.com

    Port Of Entry Without Project

    That sounds like good news for me . When u say 30 days . I need to b in US within 30 days of visa Approval ? I am travelling 31st Aug.
  14. adiludm@gmail.com

    Port Of Entry Without Project

    Hi Userone I just got my H1B Stamped and Approved on 5th of July. So I did not get any pay for this month. So you say that I need to show them my paystubs. And my employer is in vermont so the nearest biggest Airport is NYC and I have a connecting flight to vermont. I have current Dated EMployer letter h1b copy and company docs.
  15. adiludm@gmail.com

    Planning to go India after 6 1/2 years, first time F1-> H1

    I say try Canada. but again EVVC model is dangerous. I am stuck in india for 1 and half years, I got my visa approved last week. So All the best