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  1. Dear members, if an employer files H1 for an F1 visa holder before graduation based on a foreign degree, if H1 gets rejected will the beneficiary remain on F1 visa to complete their degree or does he/she lose F1 status altogether and become illegal? If approved, he/she can continue to study to complete degree while on remaining on new H1 status, right? Will there be any issues if he/she discontinues study? Kindly advise. Thanks.
  2. viddu512

    Universities offering FT CPT

    Thank you pontececchio for the advise. this is helpful
  3. viddu512

    Changing H1 from F1

    Hi gopalkrishna, can you please clarify what do you mean by 'risky'? if filed, the H1 would come under general quota i.e. 65k visas right? this seems legal to me. are you saying that it's highly likely that it'll be rejected?
  4. viddu512

    Universities offering FT CPT

    JoeF, Noah Lott, if we enroll into such universities and take CPT for one semester or not take CPT at all - are we still at risk of running into problems at the time of H-1B application review or GC review? Are we violating any immigration laws? Thanks.
  5. viddu512

    Universities offering FT CPT

    Hi members, I'm looking for universities allowing CPT in or after 1st semester. Please advise on universities that are accredited, part of SEVIS program, legit and are in good standing. Thank you
  6. viddu512

    CPT and OPT

    Hi, below is the info from this webpage: https://www.ice.gov/sevis/practical-training . I've had one friend say that you work around this by working FT for 364 days in CPT so that you're not completing 12 months and you'd still be eligible for OPT. Is this accurate? Does USCIS allow such workarounds? Doesn't seem reliable to me, but please advise. Thank you. If you have 12 months or more of full-time CPT, you are ineligible for OPT, but part-time CPT is fine and will not stop you from doing OPT.
  7. viddu512

    Changing H1 from F1

    Hi members, while on F1 and working FT using CPT can an employer file H1 if the candidate has only a foreign degree although the candidate enrolled and working towards a US degree or does the candidate have to complete the course requirements and remain in OPT period for this? Thanks.
  8. viddu512

    B1 to H1-B visa

    Dear Members, thanks a lot for the replies. To clarify, I've been in USA on B1 through my employer at their USA HQ for training and meetings for a few months in the past. So if I'm on B1 again in USA next year for training at USA Office HQ during the H1 season - can a H1 be filed? If its filed and approved during my stay, can I continue to stay and work on H1 without getting a H1 Visa stamp or do I have to go outside USA and re-enter with H1 Visa? Thanks.
  9. viddu512

    B1 to H1-B visa

    Hi members, if I'm in USA on B1 visa and same or a different employer applies for H1-B and if it gets picked and approved within 6 months of my stay in USA, can I file Change of Status and start working on H-1B or do I have to go outside USA and obtain the visa and re-enter? Please advise. Thanks.
  10. Hi - I'm planning to go to US Consulate in Matamoros, Mexico next month to get my H1 visa and am planning to take my wife along as well for her H4. I wanted to double check here if H4 visa appts are allowed and issued at this consulate? Please advise. Thanks much in advance
  11. Hi Pontevecchio - Did you mean to ask if I'll be working for employer A i.e. my current employer when she returns? Yes most likely. My new employer plans to apply premium processing for visa transfer but I don't think we'd get a decision before my wife returns. So with the decision pending will this still be an issue for her at the port of entry/ immigration? Please advise. Thanks.
  12. Hello members - Please advise on above question. Will a pending H1B visa transfer affect H4 visa travelers with valid visa at port of entry and immigration. Thank you in advance.
  13. Hello - I'm a H1B visa holder. My wife has H4 visa valid thru May 2018. She's currently in India and will be returning to US next month. I'm planning to change employers soon and the future employer would be filing I-129 application to transfer my H1B visa in the coming weeks. If the I-129 application is submitted in the time before my wife returns to US with the decision pending, would this be an issue for her at the port of entry or immigration or should she continue with her return plans as it is and I continue with the visa transfer as well? If it's going to be an issue, please advise how should I proceed. Please advise asap as I need to take a decision in the next 48 hours. Thanks much.
  14. Thanks for the reply. Did you mean to say that changing employers frequently as long as document is correct will NOT be an issue for green card? Please clarify. Thanks.
  15. The immigration attorney for the company is aware of this situation and has assured me that it'll not be an issue because even after filing chapter 11 they've gotten I-140 approvals. However, please advise if changing employers frequently as I have (4th employer in 7 years) will impact GC process. Thanks.