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  1. kewl_guy

    F1 to H1b, but F1 needs to be stamped

    If you completed your education (F1) and ready to work (H1), you will not get F1 visa when you visit India. If you didn't graduate yet, the only way for you is delay graduation till December. Your F1 may get approved in India. F1 approval is not guaranteed in India. You are taking a risk. BTW, are you saying in March that you have an emergency in June? Come on man, emergency is something that arises at the time. Not 3 months in advance. Doesn't make sense, especially to immigration officers.
  2. kewl_guy

    H1B FICO taxes

    Neda, If you didn't pay FICA taxes in the past, forget it. Why would social security administration be after you, when you are on H1 status? Same happened to Geithner, nobody cared.
  3. kewl_guy

    USCIS Status

    Sometimes they do not update the status in real time. Please be patient and you will receive a response from them.
  4. kewl_guy

    HIb given beyond 6 years

    There are instances when individuals get more than 6 years because of overseas travel/ stay etc in the past. I would try to continue the same error that USCIS created. It is not our mistake. The end date given by USCIS is the end date. Don't fret over the issue and enjoy your stay.
  5. kewl_guy

    I-94 expired: H1B - F2

    Thank you for your support. I received approval letter from USCIS. I applied for change of status from H1 to F2, approved on March 14th. Our receipt date by USCIS is Feb. 25th. The problem now: H1 expired on feb 13th. Our receipt date is Feb 25th. Approval date on the approval letter is March 14th. Will that be a problem? . I have a job offer from a university. I haven't applied for H1B because the human resources is delaying sending me official letter. If I apply for H1B now, will the gap between H1 and F2 be a problem? Will the USCIS even notice that discrepancy? Thank you.
  6. If that is the case, then why does the attorney say "no stamping" needed?
  7. kewl_guy

    Tourist Visa Canada

    Same day visa issuance at Detroit and Buffalo.
  8. Someone correct me if I am wrong. Ram saran is not out of status. Usually there is a 2 month grace period you can use after you get laid off, before which you apply for the next status/ (if found new job) same status. Ram Saran applied to B1 within that grace period. How can he be out of status? I think the new employer's attorney is wrong in stating to ask Ram to go out of country for new I-94. Ram Saran, Let us know what is the outcome of your case.
  9. kewl_guy

    I-94 expired: H1B - F2

    My 3 yr H1B period finished on 02/13. My employer declined to apply for my extension for the 2nd 3 year term = laid off. My I-94 date also has an expiry date of 02/13. I had job interviews this week, none of which have been finalized. I was thinking if I got job opportunity, then we can apply for H1B transfer directly. My spouse is currently a student at one of the US universities on F1. We are planning to apply for H1B to F2 change of status. We will apply on 02/18 for change of status. Does the 5 day I-94 period matter? I understand the rule about I-94 expiry and leaving the country.... but is USCIS so particular about I-94 expiry dates? Have there been cases where approval was done in the past in similar circumstances? What are our chances of getting approved for change of status? My oversight of I-94 was due to my thought of the grace period of 2 months after visa expires.
  10. kewl_guy

    H1B cap-exempt to cap-subject transfer

    I understand the cap-exempt to cap subject is a problem, but honestly does USCIS do such minute scrutiny? I doubt it. I am guessing they will look if the person is previously on H1, provide H1 transfer and be done with it. Palaparti, did you apply for your transfer?
  11. kewl_guy

    Non-profit to profit

    Wife started her job in a non profit organization with H1B during feb 2011 (not the April - October period) Now, she is searching for a new job to work using H1B visa. Her visa stamping in India was also over for that job. To work in a profit organization, for H1 transfer, will she have to wait till april 1st of next year? or can she work even now with a H1 transfer? Help needed. Thanks.
  12. "Please suggest me whether I should mention my wife's illegal stay period (20 days) in the DS-160 form during stamping or not. If yes, then what reason I should put in the form." Don't mention. Everyone has a chance to stay for 2 months after Visa stamp expiry also. The chance is given to pursue other options and change of status to other visas if possible. So, even if your wife stayed for 20 days, it is fine.
  13. Deep_usa, You could have travelled to Mexico/ Canada and come back instead of India - provided your visa is still valid even though your I-94 expired.
  14. kewl_guy

    I-94 Card Return - Airlines people did not take it

    Praveenkk77, Unfortunately, I have experienced the same kind of airlines staff who don't care about I-94. I was trying to give my I94 to them while they were trying to ignore it. I told them that it is very important and I didn't leave till they registered my old I94. It happens more often than not and it is not your mistake, believe me.
  15. My I-94 is expiring today due to the passport expiry. My H1B visa expires at the end of the year. Very soon, I need to apply for change of status from H1 to F1. With an expired I-94, I cannot do it. I got my passport last friday from Indian embassy at Washington DC by post - it took 5 weeks after I applied for them to issue a new passport. Hence, I planned to go out of country to get the I-94 renewed. Since I had only 4 days time after getting my passport, I planned to go to Canada consulate for visit visa, if that is rejected then I planned to go to Tijuana/ Laredo, Mexico for I-94 renewal. Detroit consulate issued me the single entry visit visa the same day. They accept applications and supporting documents from 830 AM to 11 AM. If you submitted your application before 930/ 1000 AM, then you have a very good chance of getting it the same day. If not the same day, they will tell you when they might give your approval. I filled the application form but forgot to validate the form. The officer at Canada consulate gave me the address of internet center (Allegra) in the building where I was able to print another form. I submitted my passports, US I-94, US visa, employment letter, paystubs, tax returns, study transcripts, bank letter showing 9,000$ in funds, home rental lease agreement, utility bill, 2 photos, car registration and insurance - all original and they returned all documents at the time of issuance of visa. I took the Ambassador bridge to Windsor, Canada. I told the Canadian officers that I was going to visit Niagara falls on my car. But, I returned back to the USA side of the bridge immediately as my purpose was different. The USA side officer who 1st checked my car also checked my documents and he understood I went to Canada for I-94 renewal. I agreed and went inside the CBP office. I have never seen such ignorant officers anywhere. They don't even know that I-94 was issued with a prior date because passport is expiring. They argued with me for 20 minutes. I answered them politely each time but they would not listen. Finally, they understood when another officer who just came in explained it. Then, the officer who was in charge of me started asking why I was carrying the white I-94 and then the I-797A/ I-94. He told I was only supposed to carry only one. Well, that took another 20 minutes for him to understand. He gave me a new I-94 but would not give my I-797A. Finally, he did but when I entered US, I thought I was lucky. I was in the CBP office for 1 1/2 hr. It is not a good experience if you encounter recently trained batch of officers because they will not listen to what you tell, no matter how polite you are. On the other hand, there were also few people with expired visas in the office at the same time I was there. The whole situation was tense for me because it looked like the fuses were about to blow off. Port of entrys are always risky too. It could just me on that day, others may have pleasant experience.I came home last night after a 8 hr drive from Detroit. Before going to apply for Canada visit visa, I tried all CBP offices inside USA if they would correct this problem - they said they don't.