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  1. sujer07

    Mass RFEs for EB2I ?

    @ 18jan2012: Did you or your friend relocate after having filed your I485?
  2. sujer07

    Mass RFEs for EB2I ?

    My PD is Oct 2008, no RFE yet. Are there many out there without an RFE (PD < Jan 2009; EB2 (I)). A friend of mine told me that someone he knows got an RFE for medical (PD: Jan 2009; EB2). Should we call USCIS?
  3. Thank you for your response, Omshiv. Just out of curiosity, are there folks getting renewals with Finger Prints (FP) on the cards? If yes, what did you do in addition to sending the application/supporting documents. In other words did you take do the FP again, at the service center, while sending the extension request application?
  4. Omshiv and Attorney_25, thank you for your replies. Just to clarify the card (EAD/AP combo) was issued, so I can use it for work as well as for international travel, right? The latter was not explicitly mentioned in the reply, hence the question. Thank you once again.
  5. Hello, I applied for EAD/AP renewal and got the card in around 45-50 days. However, the Finger Print (FP) box says 'Finger Print not available'. Is this an issue, or in other words, do I need to get FP done and re-apply? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Note that my first EAD/AP card had the FPs. Thank you for your time!
  6. sujer07

    EAD/AP renewal. USCIS office didnt accept the shipment

    Hi Krish, Good to hear your application was received. Had a question: Did you send both EAD and AP in one envelope? Thanks much!
  7. sujer07

    EAD/AP Renewal : Questions

    Hi MMH55 and all, I am planning to renew my EAD and AP, and had a few questions for which I request your help. My I485 was also filed at TSC: 1. Which address did you send your EAD to? 2. Which address did you send your AP to? 3. Can we include two EADs or two APs (Spouse and Self) in the same envelope or do they have to be different? Thanks much!
  8. sujer07

    H1 Amendment

    Can anyone please reply to any of the questions? Much appreciated. Thanks, Sujer
  9. sujer07

    H1 Amendment

    Hi All, I have an H1 that is valid until early 2013 which was filed and approved while I was with a Client in state A. That project ended during last year and I moved to a different client in state B, a few months back. My company filed an LCA but forgot to do the H1 amendment. A couple of days back, there was a site visit by USCIS to the Client location in state A. Since I wasn't there at the Client site in state A (as expected), my employer was called and asked for the LCA. Now, my company would be filing an H1 amendment. I have an approved EAD that I got a few weeks back that I have not used. I have a few questions for which I request your help. 1. Am I in an out of status mode and if yes, since when? 2. Can we file an amendment H1 in the next couple of days so that I am no longer in an out of status mode (assuming answer to question # 1 is 'yes')? 3. Can/would my H1 be revoked? Would I get a chance to appeal or reply or would it be a revoked without a warning? 4. Related to question # 3, is NOIR on H1 w.e.f. immediately or is there a date/time when the NOIR becomes effective? 5. Can/would my EAD be revoked? 6. Should I switch to EAD ASAP or can I do that anytime? 7. What would happen to my spouse if I switch to EAD since her EAD still pending? 8. What if my H1 is revoked and I didn’t switch to EAD before this happens? Would I go out of status? 9. Would this affect my I485 processing? 10. What is the time to respond should a query arise on the I485? 11. Can I see status on USCIS portal if they revoke H1? 12. What is the best solution given the situation? JoeF, Belle, Pontevecchio, and anyone else, please reply when you get a chance. Any help/thoughts/response would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Sujer
  10. Hi Murphyd, I am in the same boat. I received my EAD/AP card last week, however although I see my wife's application online without no updates we have not received my wife's EAD/AP notice or card. Do you know the time after which we can call and check for the status? Thanks, Sujer