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  1. There was a similar case in vancouver with couple of people i met there. .. they went to the consulate and kept inquiring... they eventually got their passport stamped.. u need to go to consulate and check every 2nd - 3rd day...
  2. @varshini : yes I have MS from US @srav4visa: I haven't come across any case like you which is , but since your 1st h1 was with one employer consistently and never changed employer during 1st H1B .. you should be good, also they dont ask about OPT if you have been H1B stamped earlier , in my case I got my 1st stamping in india 3.5 yrs back... but this is only my view . It again depends on how good is your current employer ... like no DOL complaints .. and good track record of paying employees on bench ...If you are planning to book Vancouver .. keep looking for dates even if you get in July ...
  3. As per my exp and few friend's exp .. Vancouver is better ...but dates wont be available until July or else if someone cancels their appointment . Ottawa , I saw one of my friend sent back to India after his H1 was cancelled , his employer had lot of labor complains . It depends on how good or bad ur employer is...Toronto is same like Ottawa .. highly depends on luck ... haven't heard many going to Quebec city / Calgary much .. very few seen on this forum ...
  4. avish

    H1B Renewal Visa Stamping in Canada

    1. Answer is Yes. 2. a)You wont be asked to submit any proof for stay when applying for canadian visitor visa , but you will be asked at US-Canada border to show your hotel reservation. I was asked reservation details and bank account details while entering canada. b) You get visitor visa until ur passport expiry date. In my case its passport expiry date which is X yrs from now. c) Your expired US visa does'nt have anything to do with Canadian visitor visa , but u need to send ur I -797 copy when applying for canadian visitor visa, which explains them ur current status. 3. There is no such thing as I 94 in canada. Its only applicable in Canada. Canada only has customs form to be submitted while entering Canada.
  5. @Varsha and @raj251 : I am on EVC model @srav4visa : i just had one employee for 1st 3 yrs and this was h1B extension with different employer i.e 2nd h1b (extension). Questions : Counter 4 Me : Hello Mam , how u doing today? VO : good VO: is xyz ur employer ? Me : Yes VO : how long with this employer and how long with client ? Me: x months and y months .. since i changed employers for 2nd h1 extension. VO: Show I 129 , Paystubs , w2 , LCA updated one ? Me : Showed her copy of I 129 , paystubs for past 10 months , W2 for past 5 years , updated LCA , (it took her 10 minutes to go through all of them) VO : Whom do you report ? Me : Mr x from employer side VO: How does the work gets assigned ? Me : collect requirements from client and have meeting with employer manager and get directions from him on implementing the assignments. VO : when often does that happen ? Me :Thurs - Friday evening via conf calls. VO: whats the highest degree you have ? Me : xyz , showed her the degree No client letter or vendor letter were asked in my case , but dont expect that no person will be asked to show one .Atleast carry your manager email / badge id . The reason i am saying this is every case is different ... i.e weak or strong depending on Employer records/ DOL complains of employer. If VO feels something is wrong with case , she/he might surely ask for all vendor/client letters. I saw couple of my friends got delayed and they were asked to show client letter / vendor letter. Some are still waiting past few weeks , they were not issued 221g but asked to wait. It all depends on case to case. Best of Luck !!!
  6. I got H1B stamped on 30th March , the questions asked were client name , work location , degrees , show copies of I 129 , w2s , paystubs , LCA , how do i report to manager and what time.Visa was approved and asked to wait for email on monday since my intw was on friday ... received my passport on tues ... flew back to US on wednesday. Wish u good luck !!!
  7. samark : I got someone confirmed to share the accomodation with me ..
  8. The duration of the visa is usually ur passport expiry date or 2 years .. i my case its passport expiry date ..
  9. Max 15 days .. that includes mailing the docs and receiving them ...all docs shud be properly sent ...
  10. Anyone for 30th March let me know if they want to share accomodation . i have booked days inn next to consulate for 2 nights 3 days starting on 29th ..
  11. I see there are many waiting after getting 221g . Like to know if someone got cleared after giving 221g or is it a long wait?
  12. Did u finally get ur visa??
  13. avish

    Is Hyd Consulate stopped approving H1-B Visas?

    when was ur friends's intw ? the trend has changed in recent days . many have got 221gs at vancouver and ottawa is worst these days .. they giving 221g these days and later rejecting with no proper reason at ottawa..