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  1. bhaskar123108

    H1B Visa Stamping 221g from Hyderabad Feb 2012

    Guys , I request everyone here to udpate the status once you receive your Visa , that gives us hope & general idea how long they normally taking to inform their final decision.
  2. bhaskar123108

    Chances of H1B stamping for EVC model in Vancouver..

    Do you have US Education also ?
  3. Hi , I am planning to visit Canada for my H1B visa stamping , I read for Canada we need "US Experience and/or US Education" , I have 5 years of US experience but no US education . 1.Can I still visit Canada for my H1B Visa stamping ? 2.Does my employer need to take any action (e.g filling a form etc) ? Can you please guide me , I would appreaciate your valuable inputs on this. Thanks