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  1. Hi I have a friend who is a Indian Citizen but now they have taken a Austrelian Citizen. What do they need to get into USA to Work here. Will they come under same category just like Indian coming here or they have any other category to Come here. Thanks dgm
  2. Hi I didn't understand whether it is active or it will be active ? Does any one know if this bill is passed ? What does this mean and when USCIS will accept the application? Can any one explain ?
  3. dgm

    H1 denied. Course of action?

    If your previous employer has not cancelled H1 and if you join them before your employer gets denied letter then you may be in status. Your current employer supposed to give you the flight ticket to your home country after they get denied letter. Please update your case.
  4. Either way it is same. You need visa sponsorship for employment.
  5. You need at least 65K/yr
  6. dgm

    Need advice...Someone help please!

    You can apply 485 without medical certificate. You will get a RFE for that and you can apply I-693 that time. I did that way for me and my wife , got RFE, Responded to RFE and Got GC.
  7. dgm

    Why H1B visa stamping not in US??

    I had done my stamping in NY in 2004. I was lucky to get it stamped for which the last day was 2004 July 16. I did it by sending my passport in mail. I got my passport back with H1 stamp on it. That facility has been removed after that.
  8. dgm

    H1B Transfer Denial After RFE

    How are you getting so many companies to transfer the H1. Do you pay for H1 transfer ? We are searching to find a H1 sponsored company but none agreed to do without client letter.
  9. dgm

    H-4 visa holders - are they allowed to work?

    When you hear please put the link where the information is shared. So it would be benefit others.
  10. If MTR is on pending status, It should not affect H1 Application.
  11. Hi BigJoe5 Here is what happened.I am doing consulting through my sponsored employer who sponsored me for my GC. I got my GC and it is effective from 10/24. My project will be finished 11/07. So I am looking for a project. I am getting projects through other employer and not through my employer after 11/07. In this scenario , do I need to stick with my employer. Thanks and Regards
  12. Hi My Project is finished and at the same time I got my GC. My employer laid me off from the company. Can I join any other employer at this time and work for them. Does it have any impact on Green card or Citizenship. Thanks and Regards Digambar
  13. I see there is a impact for citizenship when we don't work for the employer. But what happens if employer laid of the employee after getting the green card. What is the impact on naturalization stage. Do they cancel the citizenship or is this a hard and fast rule.
  14. Old priority date - 05/04/2004 (EB3) I485 files date - Aug 11, 2007 I140 Approval date - 08/31/2011(EB2). New priority date - 05/04/2004 (I140 approved petition) Received GC : 10/31/2011
  15. 24th oct Got the card production ordered. 26th oct : Got the message as 485 approval. 26th oct : permanent residency status has been registered. when will Receive card at home ?