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  1. were you all interviewed by the Chinese guy or is it that randomly anyone could get 221g
  2. gouthamirm

    Email from ottawa consulate

    Any updates from the consulate yet?
  3. gouthamirm

    PIMS issue on oct 1st 2012

    Can you please share the interview question
  4. Thanks Catch44 and Satya999 I am sorry I missed it in my earlier post I am looking to share accommodation with females. Thanks, Gouthami
  5. Hi... I am going for stamping on 22nd Oct to Ottawa, I will be travelling from St Louis If you are interested we can share accommodation Thanks, Gouthami
  6. Hi, I have my appointment for visa stamping on Oct 22nd and wanted to check if anyone is going at the same time so we could share accommodation. Thanks, GR
  7. biodallas: I will be travelling from St Louis, MO
  8. Hi I made my H1-B visa stamping appointment at Ottawa, Canada on the 13th of August, 2012 and wanted to find out if anyone has made any arrangements for Visa interview during that period. -G