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  1. No one can hold conditional GC unless he is currently married to US citizen or Entrepreneur GC. Filing GC thru marriage will be faster process although it will cost money. Employer will file GC in early 2018, but it's no guarantee - it can change based on company financial situation that time. Smart decision will be to file through marriage, but conditional GC holders can't file GC for others. They need to remove condition and then file for GC.
  2. sharin

    Travelling thru Abu Dhabi

    I am flying thru Abu Dhabi (Etihad Airline) from Mumbai to DFW. 1. Flying with Mom. I am currently on H1B (but no visa stamped) && Advance Parole (AP). My mom has visitor visa (first time visiting to USA for 3 months). Return ticket confirmed. My mom don't know english which means most of talking will be done by me on behalf of her. Is that an issue? 2. Since I will re-enter US first time on AP, I will have to go thru Secondary Inspection. Will I able to take Mom along with me in Secondary Inspection area.
  3. Thank you! JoeF and jairichi.... Hopefully I receive EAD & AP before H1b approval. although my h1b transfer was filed with premium processing!
  4. My current H1b was sponsored by Employer A valid & stamped till Oct 2015. - I accepted new job offer from employer B. Employer B filed H1b transfer petition which was received by USCIS on June 3rd. - June 5th (Friday) was last day with Employer A - Started working on new job with Employer B from June 8th (Monday) - Received update from USCIS on June 30th that H1b from Employer A was revoked While all this was happening, I filed for Green card based on marriage through concurrent filing (I-130/ I-485/ I-751/ I-131) which was received by USCIS on June 11th & Bio-metrics appointment on July 6th. I have few questions : 1. Will this affect my green card process? 2. If I have to leave country, I will need new visa stamp from Employer B or EAD card through I-131 petition to re-enter country? Please kindly reply, thank you!
  5. There are 2 categories for Green card application : 1. Spouse already staying inside USA (possibly on valid visa) then you need to file I-485 form along with I-130. 2. Spouse staying abroad (as in your case - wife is outside USA) then you need to file only I-130 petition. She will go through consular processing at local US Embassy in Japan. I-485 form is required for beneficiary already inside USA to adjust status as Permanent Resident Source : http://www.uscis.gov/family/family-us-citizens/spouse/bringing-spouses-live-united-states-permanent-residents
  6. If you're filing tax return as dependent, I will suggest your husband being as Sponsor. You will need his passport copy, your passport copy, I-134 form Affidavit of Support, letter from employer verifying job/salary etc, last 2-3 pay-stubs. If salary is high, no need for bank statement. If salary is not strong (above $50K annum) - then I will suggest including other assets like Savings, FDs, stock bond etc. in I-134 form plus supporting documents for same. But, visitor visa is tricky - it is based on individual (your mom) profile. You guys need to show strong ties to her home country, if she is currently working / properties in her name / siblings living with her etc.
  7. sharin

    Travelling out of US after filing 485

    If you have valid / unexpired visa - you can travel outside US without issue. But if you currently don't have valid/ unexpired visa, you need to wait till you receive AP to re-enter USA.
  8. Sorry - there is no good news for you, no DMV will give issue driving license due to less than 6 months visa validity. Although, you can keep trying luck in different DMV locations, it works sometime if you end up with new or not-upto-date employees.
  9. Technically, if you file GC through marriage-based using concurrent filing - you're considered "in-status" due to pending decision for I-485, thereby no need to file H1b extension plus continue to work unless your petition is denied. If you involve good/reputed lawyer to file your marriage based petition considering no issues with your case profile - there is high chance you'll receive EAD before H1b expires (within 90 days), although it hardly matters as long as you receive case number for marriage based petition.
  10. Paying 20K is nuts, Green card is freedom from employers who like to tie around employees. What will they do if you stop performing, it's not like you need visa status to keep working under tremendous pressure. Consult with your state lawyer, won't cost more than 50-100$.
  11. sharin

    Travel to Mexico

    You need valid US visa & valid Indian passport and your flight should depart from US airport to be eligible for visa on arrival in Mexico! I don't see any issue if you satisfy above conditions, I have traveled to Mexico couple times now without any issues to re-enter US.
  12. If you have unexpired visa from Employer A & Employer B is not consultant (i.e. you're not working out of Client office etc.) - I don't see any issue. My question is : Why don't you go for stamping if you already have I-797C? As Long as it shows H1b transfer approval, you should not face any issue for stamping through new employer. Don't forget to carry all pay-stubs so far received from Employer B, receipt of H1-B transfer, original copy of the I797C in your possession (every non-immigrant should have original copy from USCIS by law, if employer/ lawyer is not giving original copy, you need to raise concerns), resignation letter forwarded by you to Employer A and last couple paystubs from Employer A. If you're working for Consultant (Employer B), Client letter is MANDATORY. Also, you need to consider that your international trip is not long enough (like 2 months etc) to raise eye brows at port of entry.
  13. sharin

    H1B I94 validity for sponsoring B2 visa

    Make sure they will able to answer all questions regarding you. 1. What you do in US - Which company & job position & joining year? Visa type? 2. Your birth-date? Current address in US? Marital status etc?
  14. Your father is good to travel without any issues - his visa is valid for 10 years. But make sure they don't overstay more than 6 months.
  15. sharin

    H1B I94 validity for sponsoring B2 visa

    My H1B visa & I-94 is expiring in Oct 2015 (filing H1B extension in June 2015), & my mom received Visitor visa for 10 years at Mumbai Consulate on 26th May. I was sponsoring my Mom trip as per Form DS-160. I don't think your expiring I-94 has anything to do with your parents visitor visa outcome. If asked "Why you want to visit US?" Answer : To meet our son & tourism purpose (keep it simple). They might ask couple of places name where they plan to visit for tourism purpose. If either have active job, good Bank Saving/ FDs & couple of properties in India, let them sponsor themselves. But, they'll still need to disclose about their son in US as per Form DS-160. If you have younger sibling in India, staying with parent - will work in your favor.