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    N-400 & 9 Traffic violations

    Provence & JoeF, thank you both for your response. JoeF, The ticket does very explicitly make it clear that it is a non-moving violation. But, if I understand you correctly, you are saying you'd still list these on N-400. Correct? I am the owner of the car, and I was also the driver at the moment the violations occurred. I paid the tickets without contesting. I do not want to prevaricate, or be disingenuous in my application. At the same time, I don't want to provide information that is not needed, and is not necessarily in my favor. I had simply assumed I was going to list the tickets till I saw the language on the ticket, and now I am debating. Can I seek your advice please? Usually, I err on the side of caution. In this instance, I don't know which side the caution is. Thanks!
  2. Aggie2492

    N-400 & 9 Traffic violations

    Provence, thank you for your response. One followup question - 5 out of the 9 tickets are camera tickets. For some reason, these are considered non-moving violations. The ticket (notice of violation) itself has this on it - "This violation is a non-moving infraction. No points will be assessed and the infraction will no be reported to your insurance company". So the question is, if these are non-moving violation, should these still be listed on the N-400? Thanks!
  3. I have been in the US for 20 Years. F1, H1-B, and now LPR. Over the 20 years, I managed to get 9 traffic tickets. None of these are over $500 individually, but the total adds up to more than $500. No DUI or DWI. All were paid in a timely manner and I have documentation for each. I am now getting ready to apply for Citizenship, and will list all 9 incidents on N-400. Other than these, my record is clean. taxes have been paid on time, and there is no other complications regards to F1, H1B, or LPR, or any other legal or criminal issues. My question - do the traffic tickets pose any risk to smooth processing of my citizenship application? Is there any risk of denial? I am grateful for any advise you can offer. Thanks!