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  1. dealguy007

    Need Help on DS 160 saved for the next 30 days

    it says... the application will be automatically saved on USCIS server for 30 days. if you need more time you have to save your local copy and upload it to USCIS website.
  2. dealguy007

    New H1B stamping after prior re-entry on Advance Parole

    you should be fine as long as you are maintaining your H1B continuously. the max that could happen is you may not get a new visa.
  3. dealguy007

    H1B Stamping Tijuana May 15 and 16

    just sent you a message.
  4. Hi All, I am going to Tijuana,MX for H1B stamping on May 15/16. Any one planning to go around those dates, please reply or IM me.
  5. My Attorney said it shouldn't be a problem. so going to Tijuana on 05/15 and 05/16. Anyone going to TJ on those dates?
  6. My Employer applied for my H1B PP extension in the last week of March and it was in the First week of April. We have received the Approval notice and I am planning to attend my Visa interview in Tijuana next month but USCIS website still shows my WAC number as pending. Question - Pending status on USCIS website - Should be worried about this?
  7. dealguy007

    Work from home-H1B

    Anyone? i have the same question.
  8. dealguy007

    H1B Stamping in Tijuana, Mexico

    just got my H1B extension approved and planning to go for stamping in the first or second week of may. i had my previous stampings from the same location and looks like the process is same. Any one know about Apt date availability?
  9. dealguy007

    H1B renewal visa stamping from Tijuana Mexico

    Hi Anitasikarwar, Please share your Visa experience in Tijuana, i am planning to go there in the third week of April.
  10. dealguy007

    Stamping in May..Looking for someone to tag along

    Hi there, my ASC is on 19 and interview is on 20th. staying @ Marriott. pls reachout to me if anyone is going around this dates.
  11. dealguy007

    What is the process of applying for Mexico Visa

    You may not need Mexico visa if your H1B visa is still valid.
  12. dealguy007

    Stamping in May..Looking for someone to tag along

    When did When did you book your Apt? i am planning to go in the next few weeks depending on interview slots.
  13. dealguy007

    h1b Canada stamping - Automatic Revalidaiton Rule

    you will be ineligible for AUTOMATIC REVALIDATION once you attend a Visa interview.
  14. If your company guarantee the Bounu/Allowance amount then you can count it as Salary.
  15. dealguy007

    Stamping Docs

    Have you asked your employer to send it directly to Consulate?