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  1. Thanks for your reply. I hope it(applying green card both ways) will not have any negative impact on my current H1B status and H1B extension next year. Anybody having idea about this?
  2. JoeF Thanks for your reply. Can I apply both ways(employment based and family based) at the same time? If yes then is there any benefit of doing so like will it be of any help to get Green Card Faster. I am from India so if I only apply employment based ,how much time it will take for Green Card Processing...?
  3. I am on H1 visa and my employer is going to start green card processing for me.My real brother is a US citizen.So can i start my green card processing both ways(employment based and family based)? If yes then will it speed up GC process. I heard that family based GC takes 8-9 years in case of brothers and sisters.Please advice .