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  1. I have a approved i140 with PD of Sep2011 with employer A for a senior engineer role. Last year I changed to B but now I’m moving back to A as a lead engineer , job responsibilities are similar and i will have mentor roles and my be few reports. Does this need a new PERM or can I still use the old one. Also, the approved I140 was based off a local office but now the new role I have choice for WFH or go to office. Since it’s convenient I am planning to take a WFH ROLE. Does this require a new PERM. My PD is almost current , so I would like to avoid filing a new PERM by any means. So,please suggest my best options.
  2. mbc300

    Delay in responding to RFE

    Hi I have responded to a B2 RFE well in time but USPS sent the package to DHS , VA 20598 instead of USCIS office at 20598. So I will miss the deadline stated on RFE letter. Is my extension application considered cancelled ? USCIS website states that they are accepting RFE responses upto 60 days after due date because of COVID issue. Is this true for B2 extension RFE as well ? https://www.uscis.gov/news/alerts/uscis-expands-flexibility-for-responding-to-uscis-requests Response Due Date: Any response to an RFE, NOID, NOIR, or NOIT received within 60 calendar days after the response due date set in the request or notice will be considered by USCIS before any action is taken. Any Form I-290B received up to 60 calendar days from the date of the decision will be considered by USCIS before it takes any action.
  3. Hi All we got a RFE for my parents B2 extension. I have applied B2 extension because their return flights were not resumed yet. RFE deadline was Aug 28 per the RFE letter. I sent a RFE response through USPS overnight on Aug24th. It reached Washington DC on 25th morning but USPS delayed further delivery of the package and they are now saying it will deliver on 29th or 31st. I might miss RFE deadline by 3 days, does USCIS still accept it or my petition is considered cancelled. In worst case if USCIS denies the petition for delay, can I open MTR ? Their I94 expired on July 11th. I.e. their 6 month visiting period expired on July 11th.
  4. mbc300

    B2 Extension RFE

    hi My parents came to visit in mid January and are supposed to leave in June first week. Due to COVID their flight ticket got cancelled, and i applied for B2 extension well before 6 month expiry data. They were asked for fingerprinting 3 weeks back and today received an RFE asking for "Detailed places visited, list of cities, include receipts affidavits, bookings etc. If you visited a friend , provide names of them with dates. Provide documentary evidence for every activity" . Both of them are asthma patients, so we never went out of town as it was cold from Jan - March, we planned for some summer trips, but it never happened because of COVID. USCIS asked me to respond by Aug 31st. I have 2 options here 1) Respond with a letter saying they have medical issues and we did not travel anywhere in cold weather. I will include doctor letter as well, but my concern is if their extension gets delayed, they have to leave USA immediately. With flights not 100% operational its a challenge. Moreover can they revisit USA in coming years with existing visa or need to go for stamping again because of denial of extension. 2) See if their airlines allows flights to India before Aug 31 and they leave USA before that date, this way the application will be abandoned instead of deny, so that they don't have to go for stamping again. But as of now India is allowing only few flights that too from west coast etc, we live in east coast and i am afraid to put them on flights to west coast. please suggest my options here.
  5. @User099 Lol, i was able to work with my manager in A and got the bonus as well as joined B on first day. There was only one day overlap, i.e. my last day of A is first day of B. Hoping that it will never cause any problems in future.
  6. You cannot work on two H1Bs at same time unless they are CONCURRENT H1s. Very few H1s will be concurrent and no employer will file concurrent without a solid reason. The moment your second employers submits I9 to government, they will know you have started working emp2, so your work with emp1 will be illegal. USCIS may not care if you are lucky but things may go bad when you file for green card etc.
  7. @user099 I did call couple of lawyers but i got conflicting reports, one said i can work because H1b from A is still valid. Second opinion lawyer said i cannot work because they are not concurrent.
  8. @pontevecchio But none of those two H1B are Concurrent H1s, they are just regular H1s. Isn't that an issue ?
  9. Thanks. I wont be actively working with A, i have some unused vacation, i will put PTO for those pay overlapped 5 days. Not sure that will help me out. My company A has this weird rule that i have to an active employee ( not even in resignation period) to receive the bonus. Bonus is around 20K , so i am in big dilemma.
  10. Yes, i currently have 2 H1s on hand, one for the company A i am working for now and another approved H1B from B which i will be joining in last week of Feb. So there will be 3-4 pay overlap between A and B where the company A did not send notice to USICS about H1 termination. Should i be ok ?
  11. Hi All I have accepted an offer from Company B a top rated bank , they filed my H1 in November, got RFE and it finally got approved last week. They asked me to join on Feb 3rd or Feb 18th, but i am set to receive huge bonus for my 2019 year from Company A on Feb 19th of 2020, i asked B if i can join after 19th but they said i cannot because they have only 2 joining dates per month, so next date will be in March 1st week, and they don't want to wait till March. So, i have asked them to match the bonus to which they said no, it became a leave it or go offer. I don't want to lose the bonus and at the same time don't want to lose bonus, can i take PTO in A from 17th-21st, join B on 18th, receive bonus from A on 19th and tell them on 20th that my last date is 21st. Company A will be ok with 1 day notice. So there will be pay overlap from Feb 18-21st. I know it is unethical to give 1 day notice, but i am in stuck in middle where company A cannot give bonus early and company B cannot wait for me until March. Would the 4 day over lap in pay ( 18,19,20,21) cause any trouble for me in future during H1 renewals or GC filing etc.