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  1. Hi, I am with a new employer using my EAD. My old H1B visa wih my past employer is still valid and stamped. I never used my EAD so far. Can I still use old H1B even when i am not with that employer and working on EAD? rgds, shanu
  2. sshanbh

    Bench time on EAD

    "Others" mean again another lawyer. He says based on his experience most of the cases have been approved even without AC21. I am confused
  3. sshanbh

    Switching between EAD and H1B

    any replies to my previous question? rgds, shanu
  4. sshanbh

    Bench time on EAD

    thanks. The local lawyer says AC21 is required for Dallas office. But some others suggested not to inform or file AC21 with USCIS until we get RFE while processing I-485. With my priority date in 2008 for EB2, i would expect many more job changes in coming years before I get my 485 current. Any suggestions will be great. rgds, shanu
  5. sshanbh

    Bench time on EAD

    Hi, If I am using EAD and get laid off, how many weeks I have to find a new job ? Will it effect my I-485 processing ? rgds, subra
  6. sshanbh

    Switching between EAD and H1B

    thanks. Just to clarify, when I am on EAD with company B , I can request company C to do a H1B transfer if I have a H1B approval with company A till 2014 ? Currently I have approved H1B till 2014 with company A and I work for that company on H1B visa. But I plan to move on to company B with EAD as they do not transfer H1B. In the same above scenario, Can I plan H1B transfer in 2015 to company C (no active H1B approval ) ? rgds, shanu
  7. sshanbh

    Switching between EAD and H1B

    Hi, I have EAD (I-485 pending) and a valid H1B visa till 2014 in which I work . I am planning to move to EAD now with a new job. I know my H1B visa will not be valid then. Can I come back to H1B if another employer is ready to transfer H1B in 2014 ? Does it need to go through a H1B quota or just a transfer is enough? My question is can i switch between EAD and H1B visa? rgds, shanu
  8. sshanbh

    1099 or Contract on W2

    Hi, I have EAD for more than a year now. If I have to work on contract for a client through a recruiting agency, can I work ? Agency says I can work with contract on W2 or 1099. Which option I should choose from immigration point of view? What are the documents I should get from agency to keep my GC valid ? rgds, shanu
  9. sshanbh

    Filing EAD along with AOS

    thanks... If retrogression happens in my next month's bulletin on 6th of Feb and my I-485 filed on 1st Feb, will it be a valid I-485 ? regards, sgs
  10. Hi, My company can file I-485 but for EAD I have to pay extra fees. I am on EB2 and my priority date (April 2009) is current as per FEB 2012 visa bulletin. My question here : If I file my I-485 and then my priority date retrogrades after few months , will I be able to file EAD ? Can I switch companies with I-485 filed and pending due to retrogression ? If retrogression happens in my next month's bulletin on 6th of Feb and my I-485 filed on 1st Feb, will it be a valid I-485 ? Thanks in advance, regards, sgs