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  1. kadiyalasubhash

    Need Help on H1B

    Hi Sahreya, You can get your H1 receipt using FOIA request. And, regarding to another question, I am not sure.
  2. kadiyalasubhash

    Advanced degree exemption cap-Am I eligible?

    Hi t75, If we didn't get awarded the degree before March 1st, can't we apply in MS Quota?
  3. Hi All, Here is my situation. I am doing my second masters and I can't apply for OPT. And I will be graduated in May. So can I apply in MS Quota in March?
  4. kadiyalasubhash

    Get I140 and Labor Documents

    I submitted one month back and still waiting. you need to submit form http://www.uscis.gov/files/form/g-639.pdf and mail it to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services National Records Center, FOIA/PA Office P. O. Box 648010 Lee’s Summit, MO 64064-8010
  5. Hi, 1) When applying for H1B after 6 year, do we need receipt number or Beneficiary Number? 2) When porting from Company A to Company B, do we need receipt number or Beneficiary Number?
  6. 1) But if previous employer revokes I140 before new company applies H1 extension, what's the situation? 2) If previous employer revokes I140 after new company applies H1 extension and got 3 years extension. Can he use previous PD?
  7. 3. You retain the PD of the previous application though the process starts from scratch. If his previous employer revokes his existing I140, can he use previous PD?
  8. Hi njdude, So even if company A revokes his existing I 140, we can port the previous PD? Could you please provide me some link which explains that? And what's the process?
  9. kadiyalasubhash

    Approved I140 - Suggestion on change of employment

    If his old employer revokes his I140 immediately after his move to ne compnay, what's his situation?
  10. Hi, I have approved I140 from company A, it got approved in end of 2012, with priority date as end of 2011. Right now I got a new offer from company B. And my 6 years stay on h1 will end in mid 2014. If I change to company B, can company A revoke my existing I140 immediately? or do we have any grace period to port my existing I140 to company B. If company A revokes my I140 and company B files new one...does my previous priority date is gone? I think yes, but can some one tell me what would be the best approach to port my existing I 140 to new company B without any issue with company A. I don't want to reveal about this new offer that I got from company B to company A, as it may screw my existing job. Thanks in Advance. Regards, San.
  11. kadiyalasubhash

    Canada Visitor Visa

    Did they Stop In Person? Early this year, I went to LA for canada stamping. And I got my PP with stamping next day itself. Recently I heard some company(trivisa)who will take all the docs and get stamped within 5 days.
  12. kadiyalasubhash

    Chances of H1B stamping for EVC model in Vancouver..

    You don't need Masters to go to Canada.. Its not mandatory.
  13. Education is not a problem. I attended early this year in Vancouver where they didn't ask single document from me. Its all faith. Btw, if you have multiple visa, why didn't you ask for your passport back so that you can go to your home country and can come back when ever they are done with processing. When I went lot of people suggested to ask PP back if they issue Administration processing.
  14. You can tell them, I booked my appointment when I am here and due to family urgency I went to India. These are my assumptions only.
  15. kadiyalasubhash

    Successful H1B Stamping Vancouver Jan 9

    Hey topgun, What does "VO: Did you apply for immigration?" means? Does he asking about your GC?