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  1. I have a similar kind of situation. What will happen to an approved I 140 in case I file a DOL complaint against an unethical employer?
  2. Scorpio811

    EB2 Can't wait for the April Bulletin :)

    Mine is Jan 2011 too. I am also waiting for the April visa bulletin. Almost checking every hour
  3. Hi All, I have a concurrent (part time) H1B visa in addition to a fulltime H1B visa. My fulltime visa will end sometime soon. My parttime visa has validity for the next 2 years. My question is will my stay be legal after the expiry of the fulltime visa? Can someone answer this ASAP as I have some issues with my contract & need to decide very quick Thanks in advance
  4. Hello, My employer has asked me to sign a very restrictive contract extension as a condition for him filing I 485 on my behalf. He has signed it & it has information like the location, offered salary & other terms of employment. My question is if can use the job contract extension offer sent by him to file my I 485 with my own lawyer? Will that be taken in lieu of the "Employment Verification Letter"? Will I need the employer's assistance in any stage to continue the GC process? Any valuable inputs will be very much appreciated Thanks,
  5. HI All, I am planning to file a complaint with the DOL wage & hour division regarding my employer's benching which happened about a year back. In the meantime I have an approved I 140 from the same employer. So my question is will filing this complaint have any adverse effect on my H1B & approved I 140? An early answer would be sincerely appreciated Thanks in advance
  6. Scorpio811

    Eb2 category with minimum PWD

    Hi All, Is the prevailing wages from the "Foreign Labor certification Data Center" valid for PWD? I was doing some research on this & Is this the website to determine the data? http://www.flcdatacenter.com/ Can someone verify this information? Thanks
  7. Scorpio811

    Eb2 category with minimum PWD

    Hi All, I have a different but related question. Is it possible for anybody to request a PWD? Or only an attorney can seek a PWD on my behalf? The reason I am asking is that I am switching companies soon & I would like to keep atleast some of the papers ready in order to save time. Thanks,
  8. Scorpio811

    Priority Date current in Jan - Travel question

    Thanks Belle, 1. I have one currently issued with the same particulars of my name, location, position, salary. Should that letter include the job offer till a future period? 2. My PD is Jan 2011. So if my PD becomes current, can I use that to file my I 485 with my own lawyer. I was worried, if I ask for one from the employer, he may want me to sign long term committment with a low compensation structure. Thanks for your valuable inputs which help me in discussing the options with the company attorneys
  9. Scorpio811

    Priority Date current in Jan - Travel question

    Hi, Can anybody provide a rough idea of what the employment verification letter shopuls look like & about the validity period for that? Thanks in advance,
  10. 1.Can somebody tell give me a sample format for "Employment verification letter"? 2. How long is one valid? 3. Can I decide to use my personal attorney for filing I 485? (I do not want to use the one used by my company for the I 140 as they might not be very communicative to me than to the company? Any inputs will be appreciated Thanks
  11. I have a slightly different scenario. I will await expert answers to this question. Thanks
  12. My priority date is likely to get current in the immediate future. I am just preparing my documents. I noticed that my wife's birth certificate is not available now & it might take a couple of months for her to get the same. I am wondering if my PD becomes current, whether I can file my I 485 first & let my wife file her 485 later (as soon as she is ready with her birth certificate) Inputs will be truly appreciated Thanks in advance
  13. Scorpio811

    Approved I 140, Change of Employer

    Thanks Belle. In my case being a schedule A occupation, can the attorney file I140 & I 485 after the PWD is done? I appreciate your prompt advice Thanks in advance
  14. Scorpio811

    Approved I 140, Change of Employer

    I forget to mention, mine is a schedule A occupation which does not need a LC (pre certified). So will this make any difference?
  15. Scorpio811

    Approved I 140, Change of Employer

    Thanks Manoj for your reply. In my case, mine being a schedule A occupation, LC is not done the last time. So will that make any difference with respect to the time frame? Thanks again in advance