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  1. doublevision

    NO Insurance and unemployed on GC

    I got GC through an employer, I was on H1B before. I got the last pay 2 days ago and was working till last week.
  2. doublevision

    NO Insurance and unemployed on GC

    Hi, I don't have a job and insurance. I don't qualify for Covered California because I qualify for Medi-cal insurance. Please answers the following. 1. Being on GC for more than 5 years can I apply for medical? Do 5 years on GC matters? 2. Any impact on GC status as I have a citizenship interview in 3 weeks? 3. What should I answer if I am asked in the interview for the current employer, is having an employer a must? I would rather not take Medi-Cal even if there is 1% doubt please clarify. Thanks!
  3. I had a car collision in which the other car was totaled (although no case, no officer on sight). The insurance went up and not sure if I got any points. In a separate incident, I was cited by a camera on a rolling stop. (Paid fine and traffic school so no points) 1. Do I need to report both on n400? if yes what to report for the accident? 2. I am a homemaker what to report on employment and for what duration? Thanks,
  4. doublevision

    N400 Online vs paper filing

    I want to file for my citizenship, however, I want to understand the pros and corn for filing method. Any and everybody I have spoken has filed by mail. Could you please explain some questions? Which method is recommended? Which method may raise questions, if any? e.g. Bad image quality to lost documents. Any effect in processing time? Better process traceability? Anything you would recommend or highlight? Thanks,
  5. Hi, I have received my gc 20 days ago. I got a better offer in the same profession by another employer. I have heard if we resign too early it can jeoperdise the gc since there was an intent to work which was not fulfilled. 1. Please let me know what is safest period for me to resign, thinking to resign after 1.5 months? 2. I have heard 3 months and beyond, is this correct? 3. Apply citizen ship after 6 years instead of 5 since the only data relevant at the time of citizen ship is 5 years old? 4. If I enter country with a different employer with in 3-6 months of my gc I can be in trouble? Please advice. Thanks
  6. doublevision

    RFE replied for I-485 but no answer

    Can some one confirm, please
  7. doublevision

    RFE replied for I-485 but no answer

    Can I assume my case is pre-adjudicated? if not, then how to make sure. I have heard if you call CSC they put a SR which I don't want, please advice.
  8. doublevision

    7th year of H1-B

    Hi all, I am on H1B with EAD in hand and priority date current. I am about to exhaust my 6 years and my current H1-B is expiring next month. Had a RFE on I-485 and replied on 13th Dec 2012 still no answer. 1. Can I apply for H1B extension with no harm on GC? 2. Can I apply for 7th year with reclaiming 3 remaining months from 6 years. Should I apply only for the 3 months or only for 7th year? 3. Will I need two petitions or one petition for this? Thanks,
  9. Hi all, I replied for my RFE on 13th DEC which was related about me and my wife's I-94, all 797, birth certificates and out marriage certificate. It looked pretty straight forward but no answer till now. My priority date is current actually is from March 2011 and current processing date is March 2012. My H1B is expiring next month but I already have an EAD. 1. Can I assume my case is pre-adjudicated? 2. Should I go for H1B extension based on my I-140 approval? 3. Applying for H1B/H4 can have any impact on my GC? 4. Can I work for same employer (who filed gc and H1B) on EAD? If I shouldn't apply for H1B than what can be my backup? Thanks,
  10. doublevision

    URGENT, RFE on I-485

    Thank you so much for the clarification!
  11. doublevision

    URGENT, RFE on I-485

    Thanks for multiple clarifications! What should I give besides by H1-B approval (never used EAD or Advance Parole) notices for the "Change of Status"? In addition to this my wife she was on H4 and worked later on EAD(never used Advance Parole), I am giving her H4,I-94 and what else? Please clarify? Thanks,
  12. doublevision

    URGENT, RFE on I-485

    Thanks for the prompt response. CIS has asked for I-94 for my last entry date which will also be part of the response. Belle, If I don't provide my notice of actions and EAD card than how would I proof my status. When I-485 is filed we get notice of action and when it is approved we get EAD card which is a proof of approval. "2-8. Not applicable. Neither EAD or AP are extentions or changes of status." For above I think you mean 3-8?
  13. doublevision

    URGENT, RFE on I-485

    Hi Gurus, I Have received a RFE on I-485. Since my I-140 got approved after one year can this be the case they have misplaced my documents? Excerpt from Request of Evidence -------------------------------------------- Photocopy of Approval notices (Form I-797) for all extensions and change of status. I am planning to provide the following documents please let me know if I should add any other? 1. All H1-B (New and extensions) approvals(I-797A) 2. I-485 notice of action (I-797C) 3. Old I-765 notice of action (EAD)(I-797C) 4. New I-765 notice of action (EAD)(I-797C) 5. Old I-131 notice of action (Advance Payroll)(I-797C) 6. New I-131 notice of action (Advance Payroll)(I-797C) 7. Old employment Authorization card (EAD)(Front and Back) 8. New employment Authorization card (EAD)(Front and Back) Thanks,
  14. doublevision

    H-4 renewal but I-94 valid

    Today received another NOID on top of previous NOID (Yes now I have 2 NOIDs). Not sure what CIS is up too. Btw they also approved my wife's EAD and have received today, for mine it still says initial review...."and another Black hole" 1. CIS have asked for US employment certified transcripts of tax returns in a sealed envelop. Spoke with IRS till death, they say there is nothing like certified transcripts, we can mail you or them and that is the max we can do. Don't open and consider it is sealed! 2. CIS have asked to provide home country employment tax returns, the actual statement is "Tax returns from IRS for xxx employer" this xx employer is in home country. We didn't have electronic tax returns than in 2004 (Though have paid all taxes through employer), they seem confused, not sure what to provide, please suggest. In your opinion; would 2 affidavits work? Thanks,
  15. doublevision

    H-4 renewal but I-94 valid

    Hi, If you can please clarify. My Husband's I-140 was filed in normal processing. After 8 months they sent us a NOID. It has been 4 months since we have filed the response and 4 months is the current processing time in TSC. 1. If the original case is filed in normal processing, is the answer also expected in normal processing? Basically 4 months is the minimum for me? 2. I have heard in case of RFE or NOID the case is moved off the normal processing queue and sent to a different queue. What is the processing time of this new queue? 3. Legal department says going for premium can harm, true? 4. For NOID case to get a response what should I do? Thanks,