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  1. king303

    DS 5535 under section 221(g)

    For DS 5535 waiting times vary ....I have been waiting since past 8 months and I know few other folks who have filled up this form and waiting since past 11 months 😞
  2. king303

    DS 5535 at hyderabad consulate

    no bro, just completed 6 months with zero updates....this is very frustrating
  3. Hello, I was asked to fill up DS5535 after visa interview at Hyd Consulate, appreciate if anyone previously filled up DS 5535 can share their experience and timelines for the clearance for this issue Thanks!
  4. Hello, I have a valid H4 EAD and worked on 2 weeks project from india, this was a remote project and later was paid in US. So my question is does it matter if I worked from US or outside US for this 2 week project. please clarify. Thanks!
  5. Same thing happened to me last week.....but mine was in HYD consulate....welcome to the club!
  6. king303

    H1b admin processing timeframe

    @kmbanalyst....thanks for your response. I work directly for a big employer I think its the EC model.....VO only asked for the name of the company and location I will be working. No other documents were asked. the delay will be frustrating as there is no time limit specified and if we have to cancel the return tickets.
  7. king303

    221g white slip

    Naresh/Shiva....please let us know if you received any response from US consulate for admin processesing ...also do you know which consulate you guys attended interview?
  8. king303

    Got Administrative processing

    harish/anjanan, I m in same boat ....please let me know if you have new updates. thanks n gd luck!
  9. Hello friends, I went for stamping to hyd consulate for h1b stamping and was given 221g with admin processing, and as expected VO mentioned they do not have any time frame. Has anyone come across such issue and what is they typical average wait time, and how does US consulate gets back to us ....is it via phone or email? Please advise and share your experiences. Thanks!
  10. king303


    Thanks jairichi, can I cancel my existing appointment and fill up a new DS160 and take a new appointment, or do I need to repay the fees.
  11. king303


    Hello, I have filled up DS160 and submitted it, is there a way/option to retrieve the application and check the contents. I can see only confirmation page now .please advise. thanks!
  12. king303

    H1b stamping in hyderabad

    Hello friends, I m planning to go to H1b stamping in hyderabad, if anyone recently had been to this consulate, please share your experience and what kind of documents are being asked these days. Thanks very much.
  13. king303

    H1b stamping in hyderabad

    Hello friends, I am planning to go for H1b stamping in hyderabad consulate in 1st week of November 2014....does anyone know by when I should book the appointment. I m still in process of filling DS160 and need another 1-2 weeks to submit DS160 and pay fees. Are the dates easily available in 1-2 weeks these days for hyderabad consulate. any inputs would be appreciated. Thanks!