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  1. I am also in same situation, can you post your experience. My H1 6 years will max out on April 6th'2013 and I came to India on Feb 18th. My questions are : 1) Irrespective of my audit getting resolved before April, can I apply for 1 month recapture and return to USA before April. 2) If audit gets resolved before April 6 th can I apply for 1 year extension ( based on audit response time to end date) and return to usa.
  2. Rajaxyz

    Current PERM AUDIT date

    http://www.********.com/usa-immigration-trackers/atlanta-perm Have the required filters and sort on Prioirty dates. May ones are going one.
  3. Rajaxyz

    Perm filed and received audit.

    http://icert.doleta.gov/ - Click on PERM processing times and audits tab.Currently the audits with priority dates in May 2012 are getting replies. You might receive response in April'2013 ( guess only) based on current responses from DOL.
  4. Hi All, I am starting this topic to track August prioirty date audits. My Proirity date is August 19 th and waiting for response. I know it will take another 2-3 months for response. Pease update in case you have August P.D and received responses... Thanks
  5. http://icert.doleta.gov/ Click on PERM Processing times. Usually they are 15 - 30 days late but mostly accurate...
  6. Rajaxyz

    PERM filed, two months to H1 expiration

    See link : http://www.murthy.com/2011/04/08/filing-labor-certifications-during-sixth-year-of-h1b/ The standard allowable time in the United States in H1B status is six years. In order for one to be eligible to extend H1B status beyond six years, it is necessary to qualify under either of two possible rules. These rules are part of the American Competitiveness in the Twenty First Century Act (AC21). The requirements are that (a) the foreign national must be the beneficiary of an LC filing made 365 days prior (or I-140 in those cases that do not need the LC filing); or (b) the LC and I-140 must be approved, with no visa number (based upon the priority date) available
  7. Rajaxyz

    August PERM application status

    Does a dealy means an audit ? Any ideas..
  8. Rajaxyz

    August PERM application status

    Aug 17 th. No reponse yet. Follow this link,change the filter options. http://www.********.com/usa-immigration-trackers/atlanta-perm
  9. Rajaxyz

    H1 Max out - PERM pending - India travel - Please advice

    Hi, My Labor was applied on Aug 17 and waiting for response and my H1 will expire in April'2013(Max out 6 years). As per my employer,if audited,the response will be around 5 months and after that I-140 under premium and should be fine. I don't believe, the auidted cases will be responded in 6 months because of the total number of audits these days. Sorry, I don't have a solution or suggesstion but thought will send you a note. Please post your experiences which will be helpful for users like me. Travelling to India might be a good option at the end of the tenure. Thanks Raja...
  10. When you complete 6 years + Green card filled and PERM not approved then the follwoing are checked for your stay: 1) Is PERM applied before 365 days ? Yes - You can apply for extension for your H1 Visa No - You have to go back. Note:PERM takes around 2-4 months(approximately) and if approved then you can file H1B extension for 1 year. 2) If PERM approved then I-140 will be filled and if approved with in Sep-2013 then you can apply for H1 B extensoin for 3 years. I am also under same situation where my H1 B will expire(6 years) in April-2013 and company doing recruitment process this month.That means July 1 st the PERM will be applied.
  11. Rajaxyz

    Start Gren Card

    This might be a tight case becasue employer needs 365 days i.e year validity on H1 Visa to apply for Labor. Before Labor they should do advertisement and other things. So G.C process should start before 6 months of your joining to be on safer side. Pls contact a knowledgeable person before making this move.
  12. Rajaxyz

    H1 B transfer with COS from L1B

    Thanks to Murthy Law Firm
  13. I came to US in 2007 on L1 B and my employer applied for H1 Visa this year under Change of Status and H1 got approved and effective from Oct 1 ' 2011. Now I got an offer from Company B and they want my current H1 to be stamped inorder to start H1 Transfer. I thought H1 Visa doesn't need to be stamped for visa transfer. Can you tell me if I am correct or Company B is misleading.
  14. Rajaxyz

    L1 TO H1 Conversion under same employer

    Can you tell how can a murthy law attorney be contacted?