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  1. All, I was wondering if it is possible to apply for H1B visa prior to expiry of the current stamped H1B visa. My current visa is valid till August 5, 2015. I have approved I-797 valid until January 2018. I am visiting Toronto in May 2015 and would like to get my visa extended. Would that be possible prior to current visa expiration? Thanks.
  2. That revocation only adds more questions.
  3. Sorry to repeat, but I strongly suggest you talk to an immigration atty. They will help you and can offer much valuable advice. You clearly seem to be under lot of tension, and I can imagine that. I have been under similar situations. And I discussed it with an immigration atty. Sorry, if I have upset you again. Forgive me, please.
  4. Ask your company to send you on H1 to USA. Best option. You have relatively high chances of denial of Visitor visa since your husband is green card holder. To be considered for visitor visa one must prove to the satisfaction of the consulate officer that one will return to one's home country. In your case, you will be seen as a potential immigrant because your husband has green card. You cannot enter the USA on H1 without having a job in the USA. You would be violation of your H1 visa status by not working. One way for you is to find a job in the USA while in India, have them transfer your H1 visa (no cap since you have an approved petition) and join the new job and your husband in the US.
  5. Yes. In matters like these an attorneys advice is a million time more valuable than this forum advice. May be the Atty has some better suggestions.
  6. "2- My previous employer A and current New H1 employer B, they are legally merged. So during the interview if the consulate will ask why did you change your employer then what should I say ? " ---- Say company A merged with company B. Seems pretty straightforward, unless you believe there is an issue with giving this as an answer. Since the new company B has filed H1B, there is no need for amendment. You are good. Happy stamping!!!
  7. blancx

    Form DS 160 and US Born kids

    The form does require you to provide information on your father, mother, spouse, and names of people (your sons in this case, probably) who will be travelling with you.
  8. "...so that I can travel India in future without any issue's." If you are an Indian national, you can always travel to India without issues. and it seems you are. 1. I believe you may be able to stamp prior to current visa expiration, but it seems one can interview only 90 days prior. But please confirm and let us know. 2. People on the forum seem to have similar results at each consulate. 3. Just make sure you are well prepared for this question, if asked. Better opportunities and career advancement seem like good answers.
  9. 1. Guess you can go to any consulate. 2. Also, after merger, I believe you may have to file an amendment to your H1 petition to indicate the merger between the two companies. If you are still a employee of company A then I don't think any action needs to be taken, since nothing has changed from the employer point of view. But if you are now an employee of company B or a different company C (formed as a result of the merger), then an amendment to your H1 petition may be required. Please take this up with the company immigration attorney or hire an external attorney for consultation. 3. Unsure why changing clients would require new stamping. Then again, I don't quite have an understanding of the employer-client-vendor model. One thing is for sure - if you change employers then the new employer will have to file a new H1B petition for you to be able to work for him.
  10. Hello, My current visa is valid until Aug 6, 2015. I have an approved I-140 and will be changing employers soon. The new H1 petition will be valid for 3 years until 2018. I wish to have my visa restamped some time July 2015 (before expiration of current H1B visa). Can I appear for a visa interview prior to my current visa expiring? or do I have to wait until my current H1B visa expires? If I can, how many days in advance can I appear for interview? Thanks.
  11. The old denied petition may not have any bearing on the new one, unless the new petitioner is the same as the old. In which case, you may be asked to show how previous reasons for denial have been overcome. Be sure to mention in your DS 160 form that you have had a denial before and describe it. Don't hide the denial. I strongly suggest you consult an attorney for advice.
  12. Answer is NO. You should answer YES only when the I-140 has been filed. I-140 is the immigrant petition. PERM is just a procedure to follow prior to filing the immigrant petition.
  13. My company is sending me for work to Singapore for 15 months. I have an approved I-140 (EB2). Will me staying out of the US for more than 1 year have any bearing on my H1? Will I be able to return to the US on my current H1 or will the company have to apply for a fresh H1 that is cap subject? This is for my own independent research.