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  1. Hi all.. Can someone please help me with the following questions? 1) Do we need to take Mexican Visa to go to Matamorous? In some sites it said that we can take Mexico Visa while we are entering Mexico . USVISAMEX (service provider) will help us to get the Visa. But, in some sites it said , it is recommended to take Mexico Visa ahead of the time. Just an FYI( I have my current US Visa till (9/30/2016)) 2) Is it possible to check the Visa appointment dates in Matamorous without filling the DS-160? How can i check? Can you please let me know. If anyone knows current H1B visa appt dates, please let me know. Thank you
  2. HI all.. Can anyone please help with this question. I got eligible to apply EAD/I-485 as per the October Bulliten changes that were out yesterday. My question is, Is it needed that me and my wife need to be in US while the EAD/I-485 application process is going on? or can we travel to India after submitting all the necessacy documentation.? *** We have valid visa's(H1b and H4) to reenter US, we are not dependent on the Advance parole ** My wife is going to india on Sep 23rd and returning back on Dec 15th , and i am planning to go to India from Nov 14th to Dec 15th. The only issues that i see is, What happens , if we get a finger print appointment while we are in India? If we get a RFE, most of the time we just need to submit the documents, we can submit it from anywhere? I see that i have 3 options, please suggest me what to do. i) cancel our India trip, untill all the EAD/485 processing gets completed. ii) apply 485/EAD before i go to India . In the first week of novemeber, as it takes 4-5 weeks for finger printing. we will comeback in the mean time. I am planning to complete the medicals/documentation of my wife before she leaves (Sep 23rd) cons: If uscis changes priority dates, we will be in trouble ii) apply 485/EAD after coming back from India cons: If uscis changes priority dates, we will be in trouble Please let me know if there any other suggestions that anyone have. Thank you
  3. I sent a email calgary consulate as i have appt on Aug 1st. This is the reply that i got. ********************************************************* Good morning, Unfortunately, they are still working on fix for the system error. We advise that you still come in for your interview, but please expect delays in the return of your passport. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please let us know if you have any further questions. Thank you, Non-Immigrant Visa Section U.S. Consulate – Calgary Suite 1000 – 615 Macleod Trail SE Calgary, AB T2G 4T8 /m *********************************************************
  4. rfe2011

    Visa appointments getting rescheduled?

    Swatina.. Do you have any clue when will DOS notify us if there is any reschedule in appointments? I have my appt @ calgary canada.on Aug 1st. Thank u
  5. rfe2011

    EVC model H1B Visa (Calgary Canada)

    Thanks for the reply Nik.. In the EVC model, how can someone "really" employee-employer relationship.. As per the employee-employer relationship, our work need to be assigned by employer (not client). But this never happens in any EVC model, all our work assignments/time sheet approvals/ progress-status of the projects are controlled by client manager. There is no way that employer will involve in these activities, as client don't know anything about the employer. http://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/USCIS/Laws/Memoranda/2010/H1B%20Employer-Employee%20Memo010810.pdf H1B visa documents: I am just taking the status reports (between me and my employer), time sheets (approved by client), client project documents, client letter, vendor letter. Please let me know if i need to take any other documents related to client.
  6. Hi all.. I am in EVC model and have visa appt in calgary, canada on Aug 1st Can you please help me with the following questions related to the H1B visa documents 1) Do we need to carry Org chart from the employer? My employer don't have this document. If possible can someone please share a sample document to my email id. 2) In our H1B visa resume, do we need to mention about the client details that we are working? or just the employer details and responsibilities I mean, if we work on multiple clients under the same employer. Do We need to provide the employer name and brief responsibities that we worked in all the clients? or each client and responsibitiles under that client? I think,as per employee- employer relationship, complete control should be on employer and we should not mention anything related to client. Please correct me if i am wrong 3) Regarding Time Sheets, do we need to bring the timesheets approved by client or employer? Thank u
  7. rfe2011

    Calgary, Canada Where to stay?

    Aug27@vancover.. Please click my profile and reach me at the email that i mentioned in the profile. Thank u
  8. rfe2011

    H1B Visa appt Calgary,Canada Aug 1st..

    Aug27@vancover.. Please click my profile and reach me at the email that i mentioned in the profile. Thank u
  9. rfe2011

    Calgary, Canada Where to stay?

    Hi Aug27th@vancover Please reach me at ************** Thank u
  10. Friends.. I have a visa appt in calgary,canada on Aug 1st. If anyone went to calgary recently..can you please suggest some motels to stay over there and share your Visa stamping experience.. If anyone have appt in calgary,canada around Aug 1st. Please reach me at ****************
  11. I have H1b Visa stamping on Aug 1st in calgary Canada. Is there anyone at the same time. Please email me @ ***********@yahoo.com or email in my profile.