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  1. Hi, I will be traveling to India and intend to get my visa renewed during the month of November. I had some questions with regards to the DS160 form and would be grateful for any guidance in the following questions. I am currently working in the US (Since the past 4 years). My current visa has expired, but I have a valid I797. I had changed employers before expiration of my Visa: 1. Address and Phone Section: Home Address: I currently reside in the US, however since I will be going to India (Chennai Consulate) for my visa stamping, should this be my Indian Address or US Address? Mailing Address: Is this the address to which my passport will be mailed after it is stamped? If so, Should the Home address be my Indian address or US address? Primary/Secondary Phone: Should I provide my US number or an Indian number that I can be reached at? 2. Previous U.S Travel Information Are you applying in the same country or location where the visa above was issued, and is this country or location your place of principal residence? (Yes/No) So my previous visa was issued at the same location, however now that I work in the US (and have been since the past 4 years), which is my place of principal residence? Is it still India? If not, how do I answer this question (as visa was issued in the same location, but it is not the country of principal residence?) 3. Monthly Income Do I put in what is on my LCA or the current amount reflected on my paystubs? (since it has been a while and after a few review cycles). I have read a few earlier posts about the same that state that having more on your paystub should be fine, but not less (Based on the LCA). Is this accurate? 4. Has anyone ever filed an immigrant petition on your behalf with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services? My company has filed for my I140 but I have not yet received a result. My assumption is that only after the filing of I485 would it be considered a immigrant petition? So currently I would answer no. Is this correct? Thanks in advance :)