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  1. mirali2010

    Succesfull Stamping in Vancouver on Feb9th

    congrats svb_H4... thanks for sharing..
  2. mirali2010

    Successful H1B stamping on Feb 09 @ Vancouver

    Congrats funnymist.. thanks for posting your experience..
  3. Hi funnymist, I too have the same question. Thanks for raising this topic..
  4. mirali2010

    H1b Visa stamping,25th- Successful

    Hi Shan10, Did you fly or drive to Vancouver? If you fly, could you please share your experience. Not sure if we need anything additional documentation. Appreciate your help. Thanks
  5. mirali2010

    Visa Stmping Exp in Vancouver

    Congrats CP1.. thanks for sharing..
  6. Congrats visatracker and thanks for sharing....
  7. mirali2010

    H1b Visa stamping,25th- Successful

    Congrats Shan10 and thanks for sharing... What did you say for "Where do you work?" and "When did you get your current job?". Is this for the employer or the client? Thanks
  8. mirali2010

    Canada visa in Detroit

    Please review this thread, the procedure and list of documents are already mentioned. You can apply by post or in person. If by post, it could take upto a month to get the visa. And in person would have your visa stamped the same day or the next day. I would suggest applying in person. You dont need any appointment, just walk in..
  9. mirali2010

    Canadian Visit Visa from USA

    I would also recommend Multiple entry visa. For the purpose, if saying 'Visa stamping', it is better to get the appointment fist and carry the appointment confirmation (for Toronto). If visit, you might have to mention the place where you are going to visit. Good luck.
  10. mirali2010

    Successfull visa stamping @ Vancouver jan 19

    Congrats tech99sri. thanks for sharing..
  11. If you have taken any vacations in the past year and were not paid for the days off, you can mention that.. Hope thats helps.
  12. mirali2010

    H1B visa Apt on 9th Jan@Vancouver, Canada

    Its better to schedule the appointment before applying for Canada tourist visa. The consulate might ask you to provide the interview date.
  13. mirali2010

    H1-B Visa Approved(EVC)- Vancouver- Jan 6

    Congrats swetha415.. its a great news. Have you done the PIMS verification before appearing at the Consulate?
  14. mirali2010

    Canada visa in Detroit

    Congrats Swetha415 and rochester7... Where did you go for H1b stamping? did you get your passports?
  15. mirali2010

    Canada visa in Detroit

    I went to Detroit this week and got the visa stamped on the same day... Few things which were different in my case, in addition to the required documents, the consulate asked me for original paystubs and returned the copies, and they also asked for a copy of the H1B visa appointment in Canada. I had a copy and I submitted it to them. I know this is something new, no one normally schedules the appointment but they might ask you..