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  1. ramvarmak

    Successful Visa Stamping in Calgary Canada

    Check this website and it will guide you through https://ais.usvisa-info.com/en-ca/niv
  2. ramvarmak

    H1B Petitions for Computer Programmers

    Will this new rule affect amendments and H1 transfers? To what other roles should the "computer programmer" title be changed?
  3. Hi All, Thanks to this forum, as i have been following visa stamping experiences and decided to visit Calgary, Canada for H1-B visa stamping. BackGround - Visa renewal stamping with I-140 approved. Have been previously to Calagary, Canada for visa stamping. Visa Interview - 7th March 2017 - 8:30 AM Passport Received - 10th March 2017 - 11:30 AM Back to US - 11th March 2017 Consulate Process 8:10 AM entered the US consulate building. DS-160, photo and passport checked, then security check and security guard takes the batch of people through elevator to the visa interview room. Instructed to hold on to the passport, 797 and photo. One of the officer checks the ds-160, photo and passport. Will enter the information and ask if any missing information. I was asked for a new photograph with a white background, as mine had a lighter background (not white) Next its finger printing and then the visa officer calls for the interview. Visa Interview VO: which company? Me: XXXX Inc. VO: Are you the only one from your company in the team at client location? Me: Yes VO: Are there any other people working at client from your company? Me: I am the only one in my team, but client has many other people at different locations from my company. VO: Did they apply GC? Me: Yes. VO: Show me the proof? Me: Gave approved I-140 VO: Submit a new photo and your visa will be approved. Me: Thank you sir VO gave back I-797 and I-140 and kept the passport Took a new photo downstairs in the same building and submitted it immediately. Port of Entry Immigration Officer: where are you going? Me: Told my location Immigration Officer: Which visa? Me: H1-B Immigration Officer: what do you do? Me: Told my job title Immigration Officer: do you have a degree? Me: Yes, Masters Immigration Officer: Which major Me: XXXXXX Immigration Officer: Have a safe trip Me: Thank You sir
  4. ramvarmak

    Calgary Canada Accomodation

    Hi All, Is anyone in Calgary, Canada from March 5th through March 10th? I have an appointment on March 7th. Looking for accommodation or message me and we can plan to share. Thanks Ram
  5. ramvarmak

    Appointment dates for matamoros and Vancouver

    Its said that there is a new immigration booth/check at the border. so its better to go with a visa. A few friends took the mexico visa, but mentioned there wasn't any check. Better take the visitor visa as it is a quick process.
  6. Hi All, Got my passport today. Monday 2 PM interview, got my passport on Friday 7:30 PM. Thanks Ram
  7. Hi I am still waiting, Visa status saying as administrative processing. Loomis has not received my packet as of today. Thanks Ram
  8. Hi All, My case details H1 - H1 stamping. H1 - 7th Year - I 140 Approved Major - Mechanical EVC Model Client and Vendor are in same location - Being with Client for 4.5 years Yes had Client and Vendor letters, but was not asked about them Thanks Ram
  9. Hi All, Thank you for all the experiences you had posted on the forums. I have my visa approved and waiting for passport. Below is how it went. Appointment at 2:00 PM .. Reached by 1:30 PM ... asked to return back at 2 PM At 2 PM .. Security check ... Then security walks us to elevator ... Takes to the Visa consulate floor Guy checks for Ds 160, 797 and passport. Asks us to stand in line. Lady at window 4 calls and asks for details, passport and take finger prints. We are asked to take a seat. Then the interview 6 asked the below questions. 1. So studied in US? - Yes 2. What did you study? - MS 3. What major? - XYZ 4. do you work for ABC company? - Yes 5. How long have you been working with them? - Answered with Date and year Your visa has been approved and you will get an email within a week. Thanks
  10. @ ronak7264 Till yesterday my status on the ceac website is shown as admin processing. Today morning it changed to issued status. @ SAM@CALGARY you were right. It was a holiday on monday so thts probably the reason it got delayed. I am sorry but I dont know anyone here in calgary with similar issue. @ MrPraveen Thank you mrpraveen. you were right thats probably the reason for the delay. @ Chanakya2020 I am here for F1 visa stamping. The interview was pretty casual. What is the college? where is it? what is your course? Why do you want to take up this course? What were you doing previously? How long is your course? How do you plan to sponsor your education? It went on for about 5 minutes. Then she told be that the visa is approved and you will get it in 3-5 business days.
  11. Hi all, I had my visa interview in Calgary on Jan 17th. The VO said visa is approved. Still waiting for update on my passport. Anyone else who is in the same situation? Thank you!
  12. Hi all, My friend has an interview on Jan 16th at Calgary. Please let me know if anyone is ready to share accomodation from Jan 16th to 23rd. Thanks in advance.
  13. Hi, could you share your experience with us. it would be of great help!!! Thanks
  14. @f1studentusa I am also in similar situation. Could you let me know if your interview is over...it would be of great help!!!