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  1. Any one has H1 b visa appt in Vancouver on June 4th .. please let me know ..
  2. any idea how long its taking these days at Vancouver after H1 visa interview to get passport pickup email ? kindly share your recent experiences at Vancouver ...
  3. any one has Visa interview at Vancouver in last week of September ? if so.. plz pm me ... I am looking for shared accommodation etc.. I have my interview on Sept 26th .. and planning to arrive there by 25th evening.
  4. sainadh217

    Vancouver -- Room Share from Sep 22nd

    I have sent an email to you regarding this .... thanks
  5. sainadh217

    Any one has H1 visa appt in Vancouver on Sept 26th

    any one has Visa Appt on Sept 26th in vancouver.. so that we can plan for accomodation etc ..
  6. Hello - my friend filed for H1 to H4 Change of Status and H4 EAD in the month of May 2016 at california Service center .. wondering any one got approvals from California Service center for this ? if so can you post when you filed for it .. And did you get H4 and EAD at the same time ? thanks in advance..
  7. sainadh217

    Any one has H1 visa appt in Vancouver on Sept 26th

    yes.. once you make a payment you should be able to see the available dates.. as of now .. I dont see any availability for Vancouver ...
  8. sainadh217

    Delay in getting H4 EAD card

    Hello vidyaprasanna - can you let us know .. how long it took for your Change of Status from H1 to H4 .. and Getting EAD .. ? to which Service center your application was processed ? One of my friend is in similar situation and he is looking for time lines for this H1 -->>> H4 and EAD ..
  9. Any one has H1 visa appt in Vancouver on Sept 26th .. please let me know ..
  10. sainadh217

    H1 To H4 & EAD

    Wondering what are the time lines for H1 to H4 change of status.. and getting H4 EAD .. my friend files it in May 2016 ... at California center.. and I don't see updated time lines in the websites.. Any one who files H1 to H4 COS at California center got approved ? if so in how many months ? Did you get EAD as well at the same time ?
  11. @ Ann81 - whats your e m @ il ?
  12. sainadh217

    H1B Visa Interiew waiver questions

    experts.. plz chime in .. need some help on this..
  13. sainadh217

    Interview Waiver - for H1B

    Hello pavanvemula - do you know the process for interview waiver ? may I know the consulate where you are going to apply for the waiver ?
  14. Hello - my friend got his H1B visa stamped at Vancouver in 2012 .. and got stamping done until Sept 2015 ... He changed from Emp A to Emp B in March 2013 ..and currently working for Emp B on H1B on his 7th year .. ( under AC 21 ) .. Does he qualify for Visa interview waiver ? in case he wants to go to Vancouver ? he needs to leave country ? Appreciate if someone can elaborate the process.. thanks
  15. sainadh217

    H1 to H4 and EAD

    can someone point me to any link where steps are mentioned to file H4 COS and EAD by our selves ?