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  1. Do you know how to File an extension of his H4 status based on his existing I94 ?. Can I do myself or do I need to go my employer/attorney? Since because of Corona Virus spread, Confused to Travel. Please help me.
  2. Can I air travel to Toronto and return back? in that case what I need to do? Thanks
  3. Hi All, My Son is on H4 Visa. Visa is stamped till End of June 2021. But since his passport is expiring on 06/30/2020, he got his I-94 till 06/30/2020 only. Now we have applied new passport and got it. To extend the I-94, I have visited nearest International airports and requested but they refused to do. I have asked the CBP officer in airport about going to Canada through Air and return, She said it may not work because you need to stay beyond 30 Days. I got confused and called CBP office and they said we can go to Canada and return with new I-94 for my son, because his old passport is already invalid, whereas my I-94 will not get any change. Me and My Son both have valid Canadian Tourist Visa. Travelling to India or Applying extension are not the options I am looking for now. Now I am left with the following options. 1. Air travel to Canada- Toronto and return back to Charlotte over a weekend. 2. Road travel to Canada, Cross the Rainbow bridge and return back and request for I-94 extension at POE. 3. Travel to Laredo, Texas and cross the bridge with my son and request for I-94 extension. 4. Travel to any Caribbean country and come back. I am confused with these options and which one to Select? Experienced people please guide me. Thanks in Advance.
  4. vn1295

    I-140 Validity

    Hi All, I am working in H1-B visa with Company A. I have an approved EB3 I-140 with Company A with priority date of 2012. Now starting the EB2 PERM with Company B as future employment. Company B will port with old priority date. 1. Once my I-140 approved with Company B, will my Company A I -140 is still valid? Can i continue working in company A, until eligible to apply 485 with company B ?
  5. Hi, My Current visa expired last month.I am planning to visit India next month. I am eligible for drop box. But for safer Option I have requested for Client Letter. My End Client "C" is awarded the Project to a company "M". Company "M" Sub contracted the project to my employer. I am working in the End Client location. People from both my employer and the Company "M" are working here. As per the end client's policy, they are not ready to give the client letter. But the company"M" which sub contracted the project to my employer is ready to provide the letter. In case if I called for interview, I need to go without an End client letter. Will this be an Issue ? Thanks in Advance.
  6. Hi, I am planning to apply visitor visa for my parents. During the DS-160 filling, I have selected the purpose of the trip to the US as "TEMP BUSINESS PLEASURE VISITOR(B)". After that there is sub category we need to specify. there i have the three below options. BUSINESS& TOURISM(TEMPROARY VISITOR)(B1/B2) BUSINESS/CONFERENCE(B1) TOURISM/MEDICAL TREATMENT(B2). Now am confused whether to select the option 1 or 3 ? If anyone share their idea it will be helpful for me. Thanks in Advance.
  7. Thank you jairichi and rahul412. I will plan accordingly.
  8. Hi, I am planning to go to India next month. I need to go for Stamping also. I am planning to schedule the Visa Interview on the day after I am reaching Chennai. Some of my friends suggesting to postpone it, because my data wont be updated in a day. My plan is to finish interview and go to hometown. So I am in a confusion to schedule next day of arrival or not ?. If anyone have this experience, Please share with me. Regards Nataraj
  9. Hi, My Wife and Kid went and submitted the required documents for H4 Visa Stamping through Drop Box method (Interview Waiver Program). 04/25/2014 - Submitted Documents 04/28/2014 - My Kid's case created 05/01/2014 - My Wife's Case created 05/01/2014 - Both the case status changed to Ready 05/02/2014- Both the case status changed to "Administrative Processing". I called and asked is there any further documents required ?. They told to wait. if they need something they will call or email. Anyone had these experiences ? Regards Nataraj
  10. Hi, I am in H1-B visa. My wife and my kid are in H4 visa. They went to India for vacation. I have applied for my H1-B extension and i got the approval. Now my wife and my kid are need to go for stamping. They already having valid visa in their passport. Now my question is my wife and kid are eligible for "Interview Waiver Program(Drop Box)" ?. If so what are all the required steps for that ? Thanks in Advance. - Nataraj
  11. Hi, My H1-B extension date is nearing. I am planning to ask my employer to do it in Premium Processing. I decided to pay for for that. My spouse and my Son are in H-4 Visa.Do i need to pay premium processing fees for h4 Visa also ?. Please clarify this. Thanks in Advance. Regards Nataraj
  12. vn1295

    H1-B and H4 Extension

    Hi, I am in H1-B Visa. I am in 5th Year and I have approved I-140. My wife and Kid are in H-4 Visa. My Current petition is valid still 30-Jun-2014. Around April my employer will file an extension. Actually my wife and kid are planning to go India on Feb-2014. They will be there till October-2014. Our plan is I will go after getting extension and go for stamping and return to USA. Now My question is, Whether my wife and Kid need to be in USA while applying extension ?. Regards Nataraj
  13. I need to apply ITIN for my Indian Born Son. IRS has revised its rules this year as we have to submit either original passport or certified copy from issuing authority. I don't want to take a risk by submitting the original passport. So the second option is I need to get certified copy from issuing authority. I checked in Indian consulate websites there is no such concept called certifying the documents. But they are attesting the documents like passport. So if i get an attestation from Indian embassy, can it be considered as Certified Copy ? Regards Nataraj
  14. Hi, Last year I went to India in March and returned to USA by April-20. My visa was valid till June-30 only. After came to USA, I have applied for H1-B extension and I got it. I think it wont be problem in your case. I am just sharing my experience. Check with more people for further clarifications. Regards Nataraj
  15. Hi, I am working on H1-B visa which is extension with my H1-B valid through June-2014. I am a full time employee for a company and working with our Direct client. I also have my I-140 approved. I am planning to go to India for Vacation during May-2013 from which i will be left with only 1 year on my H1-B validity. Is this is adviceable to go to India during that time since some people mentioned that it may create some issues in stamping with only 1 year left. Any people have such experiences and what would be your suggestions? Thanks in Advance Nataraj