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  1. roydanlobo

    H1B Stamping Right After Transfer

    But that does not answer his question.... How many minimum is required ? 1 , 1.5 , 2 3.... ? None ? (only previous employer )
  2. roydanlobo

    H1 Transfer in US - Only 10 days to go back

    Thank you guys the h1 was transferred successfully.
  3. roydanlobo

    H1 Revoke Time

    Guys Had my H1 Transferred and was Good, Do not know if the Previous employer revoked the H1 or not .
  4. roydanlobo

    H1b Stamping In Mexico

    Hello Here is my case 1. H1-B Applied by Employer A in India in 2012 and stamped in Chennai and expires in Oct 2013 2. Traveled to US in Feb 2013 and Changed Employer B in June 2013 and have my H1b extended now till 2016. Questions: 1. Can I go to Mexico for stamping ? 2. How many paystubs do i need from my new Employer (Emp B) before i go for stamping ? 3. If my visa is put to 221g Status How long will it take to clear ? 4. If my extension is Denied would i be able to come to US with my existing visa ? Please Help !! Nitro
  5. roydanlobo

    H1 Revoke Time

    Hello Guys , Does anybody here knows how long will it take to revoke the H1b. Nitro
  6. I came to US on XXX on a H1b visa , My employer wants me to goback to India on may 12th and work there , I found a new employer who can transfer my H1b and my LCA is filed today 1st may 10th being my last day on US payroll , will I be able to successfully transfer H1 to the new employer ? How long will the processing time be ? When can i submit my resignation to my current employer in US ? should i give a 2 week notice for the employer ? Are there any complications involved like unemployment period ?
  7. roydanlobo


    Hello Guys, Have a QQ, My friend recieved a 221g green from chennai , submitted all the documents , its been a month now , is there a case number to check the status of the case ? Did anyone recieve 221g green with a case number , cos my friend does not find it anywhere in the slip. Plz Help!!!