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  1. Hi, Did you get the response from any one. Please share your exp? i am in same boat . please Thanks,
  2. dumbri

    Wife has h4 visa but got h1b transferred

    HI, I am in the same boat. Please suggest us and share your experiance. Thanks!
  3. dumbri

    additional documents required

    It will not be issue.
  4. HI Ram, Can you pelase elobrate your question "When i change my employer my H1B got extended will March 14 2012. In Nov 2011 my H1B got extended to Mar 14 2015 with the same company". Did you apply H1 extension before the exiting H1 petition expires ? Thanks,
  5. dumbri

    Documents for canada Visiting Visa

    Hi, For applying canada visa, we need to book US visa appoinment first ? please let me know. Thanks,
  6. @ ayyalos, Thanks for information. I am also in same boat, like my employer mergerd with other company. What are the documents i need to carry for interview please sugegst me . Thanks,
  7. @svb_H4 Congrats!. I am also in same boat. My wife stuck with Admin process and i am planing to go H1 stamping in canada . Can you please share your experience Thanks,
  8. dumbri

    Quick Question - Please advise

    @neha_Hyd, If you have valid visa, you can come back with old visa and companyB new I797 . No need to go for stamping. Thanks,!
  9. No one can know 221g process time. It depends on case to case. I was wating since oct 2011. thanks
  10. dumbri

    H1B Visa interview at Hyderabad consulate (EVC)

    @nvijay, I would suggest Chennai.
  11. dumbri

    Jan 23rd @Ottawa , any one?

    Hi All, I am planing to go Ottawa for stamping. Please let me know the Canda visitor visa requrired documents. I heard before applying the canada visiter visa we should take the US visa appoinement? Is it right ? please share your valuble information. Thanks,
  12. Hi All, I am planing to go Ottawa for H1 stamping. Can you please share Canada vistor visa process. Thanks,
  13. dumbri

    H4 interview in september

    Hi, My wife is going to attend H4 visa in octber. Have to prepared the Vedor/Client letetrs? Please let us know. If possible please let me know the format of thouse letters Thanks
  14. dumbri

    H4 stamping Successful at HYD

    Hi, Have you submited vendor and client letters?