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  1. 3com_kingston

    TD Visa Application

    As your Spouse and Child are still Indian Citizen (period) They cannot get TD Visa. As it is Exclusively for Canadian Citizens ONLY.
  2. 3com_kingston

    Will the Arrest show up in the Criminal Background Checks?

    Thanks jairichi, Is there a way to get it Sealed or Expunged? so that it wont show up in the checks. Kingston
  3. Hi, I've been arrested while Driving with a suspended License in Illinois. The reason of suspension was: I got a speeding ticket in Indiana, which I did not pay due to change of residence i lost the ticket in the process, and I forgot about it. The court issued an Arrest Warrant for not paying the ticket in Indiana and also suspended my Driving License which was Issued by Arizona DMV. I was not aware of being my License got suspended. When the Traffic Cop stopped me in Illinois, he mentioned that I have a Arrest Warrant Issued by Indiana County Court. He arrested me, took my fingerprints and photographed me and I got a security bail in an Hour. Got a court date and went to the court and the Judge asked my whether I accept the fault and pay the Fine. I said yes. The judge said get the Arizona License re-instated and pay all the Fines. I did everything what I've been told, paid all the Fines and got re-instated the Arizona License and took Illinois Driving License. That is the Background of what happened in 2008. Will this Arrest show up in the Criminal Background Checks, done by employers or Credit Checks or Rental Checks? Need some light on this. I appreciate all the feedback. Thanks, Kingston