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  1. nojob

    H1b to L2 question

    Thank you for the replies. My husband's company filed his L1A amendment and my COS, I-539 together under premium processing last Friday and we are waiting for the receipt number. My issue now is that, as soon as my L2 gets approved, I should stop working as it will be illegal for me to work on L2 with out EAD. As there is not confirmed time line on how much time ti would take for the approval, i am in a dilemma as to when I should let my employer know that I am quitting. I would like to be in good terms with my employer before I quit and do not want to drop the news that i will quit the next day,. We are just looking for advice from other people like us who are on visas to suggest how we should proceed on dealing with my employer. any suggestions or ideas, welcome. thank you for your time and responses.
  2. nojob

    H1b to L2 question

    thank you for both replies. But my husband's company's attorney told us that I would have to maintinan H1b status until my L2 application gets approved. So I will have to work till the approval. I am writing this so that others like me might have to right information.
  3. nojob

    H1b to L2 question

    thank you for your replies.
  4. nojob

    H1b to L2 question

    Hi there - I am currently on H1b and my husband's company is going to file my L2 (I-539). My question is when can I quit so that I would not be out of status. Should I wait till I get the receipt after filing I-539 or till I get approval notice of I-539. This is very important for me to know because I am currently a high risk pregnancy patient and i would like to quit job asap. Any advice or experiences. Thank you for your time.
  5. nojob

    Travelling to India through London for H1B stamping

    I am in the similar situation as OP. I am on H1 now. I will be travelling on 27th Nov and my F1 visa expires on 3rd Dec, Do you think i can get away without getting transit visa?
  6. @bbarani, you dont have to get a new stamp till 2014. You have to carry your h1b approval notice whenever you travel out side the country. I did change employers last year with a visa stamp valid till 2013 and travelled out of country three times with out any POE issues.
  7. Hello, Could someone please guide us. This is for my friend who was in US working on OPT in a non-IT job. She had to leave to India for a family emergency. Her F1 stamp will expiry in two days, though her OPT will not expire. She explained to the company taht she can not enter US without a valid stamp.So they allowed her to work from India untill she can get back to US. The company applied for her H1b this year. She is waiting for the approval. Now our question is, can she go to H1b stamping after her H1b approves. Will she have any kind of issues. Does she have any other alternatives. Kindly share any experiences and guide us. thank you for your time.