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  1. hi, I have a friend on h4, she is interested in babysitting. is it legal to babysit if she is holding a H4 visa and make money in the US? Thanks Vijay
  2. Hi, I had a L1B visa when I entered the US in Feb 2011 and I applied for L2 (based on my spouse's L1) and got it in April 2011. I didn't know that I am not supposed to work as my status is changed to L2 from the day I received my L2, (I came to know about this in June end and informed my employer immediately) I worked till July 12th. I continued working for the same employer who sent me on L1B visa to the US. I don't have EAD yet, I applied for one and it is in progress. Can someone please tell me if there are any legal issues related to this and what can happen if USCIS knows about this issue? how I should handle this? Attorney- appreciate and awaiting your response. Thanks.
  3. Hi, My EAD application was rejected 5 days ago as I am holding a valid L1 visa (and working for a company -Intra company transfer). Is there a problem if I apply for EAD based on my L2 visa when I am working on a L1 visa? I am not quite sure if this is an issue or the visa officer has not noticed that I have a valid L2 visa (which I got in Apr 2011) on the basis of which I am applying for EAD. can someone please answer this? In the case of EAD rejection due to working on L1, Do I need to request my organization to cancel my L1 Visa or Do I need to inform USCIS that I moved to L2 after moving to L2 from L1? thanks in advance -Vijay
  4. vijay82

    Bio Metrics for EAD on L2

    Hi, I applied for EAD for the first time based on my L2 visa. I was never called for biometrics, but my EAD got denied and I am waiting to get the mail regarding the denial reason. I have a question - not all of the EAD applicants will be called for bio metrics? please respond if you have any idea about this, I am guessing that my application is rejected due to this. I don't know if there is any connection between what visa (or how recent it is) I have and not calling for bio metrics..but I thought provide this information-I came in to the US using my L1 visa in Feb 2011 and then got an extension on the same in Mar 2011 and then applied and got L2 in Apr 2011. Thanks!