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  1. Hi , I attended visa interview on apr 15th Ottawa Why did you change university? Where did you done your bachelors ? How long you worked with previous employer? Client letter Vendor letter Petition Visa approved Apr 17th passport picked . Everything went cool
  2. venuprasad

    Ottawa or Montreal or Toronto ?

    Hi, I attended visa interview on Apr 15th -- ottawa. Approved ,and i am waiting for my passport here. Why did you change university? How long are you with previous employer? client letter vendor letter I-129 petition and visa approved. I think you can go to Ottawa.
  3. venuprasad

    Ottawa- Apr 15th any one?

  4. venuprasad

    Ottawa- Apr 15th any one?

    Hi, I have scheduled appointment on apr15th. I booked hotel also, if any one else wants to share accommodation. let me know.
  5. venuprasad

    Available dates in Canada

    9,10,15,16,17 - Ottawa
  6. venuprasad

    ottawa on apr14

    I am attending stamping on apr 15th. Let me know if anyone planning on that day, we can share the accommodation. Thanks
  7. venuprasad

    Ottawa.. Accommodation

    Hi, I booked hotel for Apr 1,2,3. let me know if anyone looking for accommodation. we can share.
  8. venuprasad

    Successfully visa stamping 03/30/2015 @Ottawa

    Hi I have appointment scheduled on Apr1st. I will be there in Mar 31st night. can you let me know where are you staying and any shared accommodation available?
  9. venuprasad

    Successful VISA interview @ Ottawa

    Thanks deepak.
  10. venuprasad

    Successful VISA interview @ Ottawa

    Hi Deepak, Do we also need to take return ticket ahead?
  11. venuprasad

    H1B Stamping Ottawa

    Let me know your email... where are you staying?
  12. venuprasad

    H1B Stamping Ottawa

    I updated in my profile, can you see? ************at gm contact me please
  13. venuprasad

    H1B Stamping Ottawa

    **********at gmail
  14. venuprasad

    H1B Stamping Ottawa

    Hi Shiva, my Email: **********@gmail.com.
  15. venuprasad

    H1B Stamping Ottawa

    Anyone going for stamping in april 1 st week?