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  1. Hello, Have a situation here (which I am explaining below). Please help me to understand what needs to be done here taking the current chaos. For reference purpose I am using Company A (previous employer), Company B (current employer) and Company C (Company C bought 73% shares of Company B, and is under transition) (1) Transferred from Company A to Company B in 2017. Company B was bought by Company C (parent company in 2015 and is under transitioning to Company C). So, my current company filed a transfer under Company C). (2) GC process also started under Company C as well and got the Labor Certified under Company C. (3) Now, Company C sold majority of shares (but still holds 45% with agreement that they may buy back the Company B after 5 years). Now, So, my H1b and GC Labor are under Company C and as the shares are sold now. Now, we are back as Company B. Now, what happens to my H1b and Labor. As per the Company C's Attorney, we can still continue with filing 140 under "Successor Of Interest" and Company B has to provide further documentation. Is my understanding correct? Thanks in advance. Any help is much appreciated.
  2. I am with Company A (with approved I-140) and been consulting with Company B (from past 2+ years). Now Company B is offering really good FT position and I don't want to transfer my H1b as well as I am waiting for the GC date to be current. So, is it possible, I can transfer my H1b from Company A to Company B without cancelling the Company A's H1b. Is there anything is H1b sleep mode and I can jump to Company A. The reason I am asking this is, to tranfer the GC application, it's taking hell lot of time these days and I am scared that once I transfer to Company B, my GC at company A gets cancelled. Or during transitioning, what if the date becomes current and I am still waiting for my Labour to be approved in Company B. PLEASE HELP ME. Thanks in advance.
  3. My wife recently moved from F1 to H4b. Her I-94 (is valid till Nov 2015) but she doesn't have the visa stamping. We are planning to vist US Virgin Islands for our anniversary (I have the H1b visa stamping). So does she need a us visa stamping in order to return back to US after the trip? Or a valid US Driving License would be sufficient to traval back. Thanks for the reply. Thanks!!
  4. tabhishek22

    March Visa Dates in Vancour Canada

    Where can I check for the dates. Please send me the link. Thanks in advance.