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  1. I would suggest to work at least one year with your employer once you get your green card. This is the primary relationship between Employer and employee. If you don't then you may get into trouble when you apply for your US Citizenship after 5 years. If I were you I will not risk changing employer sooner than one year.
  2. step 1: You have to wait until you get the Receipt Notice for three applications. I-485, I-131 and I-765. step 2: You will get an appointment for her Biometrics. step 3: After Biometrics are done , wait for 5 weeks from there and she will get her EAD/AP step 4: If your priority date March 2009 stays current then she will get her GC in 9 months. If they retro-gate the dates then she need to wait until the dates becomes current. Changing the job has nothing to do with her application,you are good to change as far I know. Good Luck
  3. ar6577

    Duplicate Biometrics

    Yes, USCIS has transitioned from old System to New System recently(between Aug 24th 2014 to Sept 10th 2014) according to AILA. New System started sending the 2nd Biometrics again. If we look at our BIO-METRICS appointment there is a code 3 and there is TCR Number. In case if the Finger Prints taken at first appointment were not good then the code should change to 1 and there will be a TCR number to track it. In my case the code did not change neither there was a TCR number to track it which suggest that it is a Duplicate .. Are there anybody out there in the Same Boat like me ? Any Additional information in this matter is much appreciated. Regards AR
  4. ar6577

    Duplicate Biometrics

    Hello, I recently Received my second Biometrics Appointment Letter from USCIS. I did my first one in first week of September. please let me know if anybody got a duplicate Biometrics appointment. Regards AR
  5. ar6577

    H1B renewal and education evaluation

    Hello! There is no need to get Education Evaluation for the second time as long as you dont have any additional degree earned since last time. If you insist that you still need to get one then you can do on your own by going to http://www.*********. You have to send all your educational copies to them along with an application via email by scanning them. You can pay the processing fee online. If you pay $170 they will send you the evaluation report to your mail with in 6 hrs. If you have time then $70 to get in a week. Hope that helps. AR