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  1. Hello, My mother-in-law, on B2 visa, visited us on 01/23/2017. She is supposed to go back on 07/16/2017. During her USA visit, we took a short trip to Canada (entered Canada on 06/16/2017) and she entered back to USA via sea (Cruise ship) on 06/19/2017. When I retrieved her latest i-94, I see that "Admission Until Date" 12/18/2017, which is 6 months from the day she last entered (06/19/2017). Does this mean she can stay with us until 12/18/2017? Thank you for your input.
  2. My status is also updated to Card/Document Production today. I agree with help_others...Belle and JoeF are very helpful. In addtion, thanks to all those who provided valuable input. Srikanth
  3. sriks78

    EB2 TSC Tracker

    My status is updated today to Card/Document Production. Thank you all....
  4. sriks78

    EB2 TSC Tracker

    Thank you for sharing information gmurthyusa. Good luck!
  5. sriks78

    EB2 TSC Tracker

    Same here Oct-2007 and no news. Opened SR and the answer was "we are reviewing". Now, Sep- bulletin is out and the dates moved to Jun 2008. gmurthyusa and badanimihir, let me know if you guys contacted Murthly lawyer... thanks
  6. sriks78

    EB2 TSC Tracker

    @badanimihir..... no new updates. Still waiting for the review to be completed from TSC.
  7. I saw some on Aug 07. When I see ********, most of the people with PR in 2007 and RD in 2007 got approvals, except few cases including myself. I will not be surprised if the #s are over. This time spill over numbers were less (i heard). Very frustrating!
  8. sriks78

    EB2 TSC Tracker

    PD: 10/2007 RD: 11/2011 Case Status: Received RFE response in May 2012 (Birth Certificate missing RFE) and still reviewing. Frustrated to see cases getting approved with PDs and RDs before me.
  9. Anyone got approvals from TX service center? Srikanth
  10. sriks78

    Current In August, Still Waiting ??

    TX...and I think Nebrasks folks are receiving approvals...same thing happened last time too. Any ways, I do not understand "Acceptance". I received an RFE in 2012 and I responded to it. So my status says "RFE Response Review". Srikanth
  11. sriks78

    Current In August, Still Waiting ??

    I am in the same boat. I see few approvals and my PD is Oct-2007. Getting little anxious... Srikanth
  12. Seasa and sny001, It looks like your GC is approved. Congratulations! Can you apply to Nebraska or Texas? Please let me know. I am anxiously waiting.... Thanks. Srikanth
  13. My PD is October 2007 and I haven't seen tnything new on the website today. Waiting.... Srikanth
  14. Please post if your priority date has become current in Aug-2013 Visa Bulletin and if you received a decision on your petition. Thanks. Srikanth
  15. sriks78


    My PD became current in the latest bulletin. Therefore, I am eligible to get a GC after Aug-01, 2013. My questions are: 1. Is there any way to findout whether my application has been pre-adjudicated and waiting for a visa numner? Can I get this information through an InfoPass appointment? 2. Is there any downside asking this questions though InfoPass? Thanks. Sri