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  1. as one of the member stated, you just tale your H1B approval and on the POE they will stamp you. No need to book appointment etc. My wife is a canadian citizen and we always go to the canadian border and come back immediately, takes less than 5 minutes. Good luck
  2. toobrown

    H1b to H4 COS question

    i was in a similar situation where in my H1B amendment was declined. My lawyer suggested me to get H4-EAD (based on my my wife's approved H1 & 140). I crossed the border by road and went to Mexico, came back within minutes and asked the CBP officer to give me H4 status. They took me to a room, called my name (within 3 minutes) and then stamped my passport with H4 status, they just looked at my wife's H1B approval notice. This is called the AVR rule (google it) Depending on where you are living in US, you can always travel to Canada or Mexico to have this done. Will save you a trip and $$. Good luck
  3. toobrown

    Applying for H4-EAD

    My wife's H1 is expiring in June 2018 and her company will be applying for her H1B extension and my H4. They did not agree to apply for H4-EAD and so we will be doing that ourselves. They did however agree to apply for H1 extension in premium processing Question: Assuming they apply for her H1 extension in April 2018, when do I need to apply for my H4-EAD, so that it can be parallely processed by USCIS? Do I need to provide the previous i-797 number (H1 document #) or do I need to provide the LIN# from the current extension? TIA
  4. I was arrested for driving with a suspended DL in Michigan. The cop took my FP but i posted a bail and was given a court date. I pleaded not guilty and the case was dismissed with a fine. I recently (April 2017) went for FP for a new contract with a Bank in OR. It went fine. Good Luck!
  5. toobrown

    Parents not issued any I-94 cards

    Thanks, appreciate the help
  6. My parents recently visited us (July 27th) and they mentioned that no I-94 card was issued to them. It was not distributed to fill on the plane or at the airport. At POE (Newark), the immigration officer did not care to mention about it. Is there an issue? They plan to stay here for 3 months, will there be any problem, while returning back? Any help is appreciated. TIA
  7. can you please share your experience in the forum, once done with your appointment. I am planning to go for my H4 stamping, later in the year. Also, did you hire a guy to take care of driving around in Mexico, or you are gonna do it by yourself? TIA and good luck
  8. toobrown

    H1-B dependent who has approved I140

    Yes, she can retain it, unless of course the employer revokes it
  9. No additional documents are required. Make sure your parents have your address and a copy of your visa (just in case)
  10. toobrown

    H4 stamping in Mexico/Canada

    Yes, you can go to either Mexico or Canada for your H4 stamping. Recently a friend of mine went to Matamoros, Mexico for H1 stamping and he mentioned about a lot of H4 visa stamping success.
  11. H4-EAD validity is based on H1 validity dates. So if your H1B is expiring in Dec 2017, then your spouse's H4-EAD will also expire in Dec 2017. Make sure to apply for H1 & H4-EAD renewal, atleast 6 months in advace
  12. Unfortunately, there is nothing much you can do about it. Driving on an expired license can land you into more trouble. I would suggest you to either carpool with friends or take uber/lyft Thanks
  13. toobrown

    H1b - H4 and H4 ead with approved I-140

    You are on H1 and so need to file for both H4 and H4 EAD. Yes, you can go out of the country and get back on H4 status (google automatic visa re-validation)
  14. toobrown

    H1-B beyond 6 years after 365 days cooling period

    AFAIK, you will have to go thru the lottery process.