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  1. surajkandukuri

    Delay in Receipt Generation due to Covid-19

    My h4 check and my employer h1b checks were cashed on 4/9/2020. But it does not have receipt number on the back side of the check. Still waiting to get the email . Time Line so far : Packet Received by Nebraska : 3/27/2020. Check Cashed on 4/9/2020 : Total Working Days : 10 Working days
  2. surajkandukuri

    Delays in H1B premium processing with Vermont center

    Watching. I am in the same boat
  3. Applied for H1B Transfer and packet sent on 3/26 to USCIS. Heard it usually takes 2 or 3 Business Days to generate Receipt, but i am still waiting for Receipt Generation. Would like to know if anyone can share some light wrt to processing times during Covid-19.
  4. surajkandukuri

    H1B Layoff and Transfer Question

    I am currently on h1b visa with employer A and i have got a layoff date of april 6th and i have valid stamping of company A in my passport till feb 2021. I have 2 job offers from company B to put me a client X and Company C to put me at a client Y. Client X does not give client letter while Client Y gives client letter. Given that context, the question i have is - Can i file for h1b transfer to both company B and Company C at the same time ? what happens if Company C h1b transfer approves first and i want to join company B and vice-versa ? I am looking to internally transfer inside Company A and if i find a job internally and either company B or Company C h1b transfer is successful - do company A need to file for h1b transfer back to them ?
  5. Hello. My last h1b was valid till 9/16/2015 and my driving license was given only till 9/16/2015. After realizing that my license expired i went today to get it renewed in Dallas,TX. My visa is valid till 9/1/2018 and it was approved on 9/1/2015(which is before my previous visa expiration date on 9/16/2015). Lady at the counter told me she was not able to verify my lawful status so i showed her my paystubs, w2, i797 but for no use. She asked me to check back in a week or so after i hear from Texas DPS headoffice in austin or uscis. WTF what is the point of having all these stupid systems when it hinders basic common sense. All the documents were right infront of her to prove lawful status. They could have given something that allows ppl to drive in the meanwhile. So frustrating. Do we have to go through this hassel every 3 years ?? ( h1b extension is given only 3 yrs) till we get the green card ??
  6. Admin Processing for H4. These guys dont understand the pain at all.. I had my admin processing cleared after 7months, anywayz mine was H1 from Chennai consulate. Hope for the best and let us know if u hear any update from them
  7. surajkandukuri

    H1B- Visa Officer asking for documents without issuing 221G

    @all, I got my first H1B(from my old employer) cleared. I appeared for the interview on Jan 30th 2012 and Got a reply from Chennai consulate asking to submit my passport(submitted it and got it stamped) on August 24th 2012.
  8. @all, I had a valid visa from oct1 2011- september 30 2012. I went to india for stamping and got a 221g on my visa. after waiting for 7 months, Query is cleared now and I am flying back to dallas on september 3rd. According to my guess, i-94 that i will get at PORT OF ENTRY(on september 3rd) will be valid only till SEP30th 2012(as my visa will be valid only till september 30th) My employer is ready to file my h1 extension. 1) what are the steps to extend my i-94 ?? 2) I am ready to file h4 for my wife, does she need to carry i-94 for her visa stamping ??
  9. surajkandukuri

    H1B- Visa Officer asking for documents without issuing 221G

    Its a Blue SLIP and the DOCUMENT does not say/doesn' t have 221G on it.
  10. Hi all, Here's my case: Received 221g Green Slip from chennai consulate on Jan 30 2012 from employer A. Waited for 5months and decided to change to a full time offer with employerB(American firm with 25 employees) . Went for H1b Stamping on new employer(Employer B) on July 6th 2012 at mumbai consulate. Project with employer B is a internal project for a Mobile BI application development. After a Hour Long interview, Visa Officer gave me a green slip and asked me to submit documents regarding internal project(status of the project, number of people working in the project, market analysis) between 10:30 to 11:00 am at Mumbai consulate in person. Here's the catch: She hasn't given me any case number on the Green Slip. Green Slip had my CEAC Bar Code(bar code that we receive when we book the visa slot). I received the documents on friday and planning to visit the consulate in near time soon. Is this strange asking documents without issuing 221G(without writing case number) ???
  11. surajkandukuri

    221g Blue chennai Tracker

    @Sathys01: Did you hear back anything from USCIS ???
  12. surajkandukuri

    221g Blue chennai Tracker

    @VisaBlues @Sathys01 : Thanks guys for your views on my case. I have applied for new h1b thru new employer and got it approved for 3 years. However, application is sent as a premium processing case. I am looking around all the blogs/murthy forum to get myself prepared before going ahead for stamping. I am bit worried as my new employer is a new company around 2 years old and has only around 20 employers and me being the first Non-Immigrant resource. I will see till the day i go for stamping on this new h1. If i hear anything about my old h1 i will quit going for stamping again. @Sathys01: Thanks for updating us with your analysis, can I know where did u get this information from ?? 2) About my interview questions: My employer has sister companies. He usually uses 1 company for h1 filing's and second one only for getting projects. As he filed my h1 as an internal project. VO asked me to prove both companies are the same. I tried to show him LCA where it is mentioned but he was specific in kind of document which states so ..... We tried to contact USCIS via Congressmen in March but that went in vain. After that, till date neither my employer nor the client haven't received anything from USCIS.
  13. surajkandukuri

    221g Blue chennai Tracker

    @VisaBlues: Its already 5months now that I am waiting for the call from USCIS and moreover, I have my current h1 approved only till Sep 2012. My new employer is a product based company and they said They cant wait any longer :(
  14. surajkandukuri

    221g Blue chennai Tracker

    I am thinking to file a new h1b with a small company(15 employees but a product based company, its not a desi consultancy ). Any clue's about my approach ??
  15. surajkandukuri

    221g Blue chennai Tracker

    @sathys01 Nope haven't heard anything back from them !! 5 months and still counting !!