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  1. Hi reddy, You can reach me at ************atgmaildotcom
  2. M_04_12_07

    Travel from Jamaica to India?

    Hi Vamshi, Please see my earlier post i have provided detail information. Thanks SK
  3. Hi Zafar, I mailed to to your gmail account as per contact information Thanks -SK
  4. Hi Chandra, I did not got any Jamaica Visa. I tried for German Visitor Visa that too they said it will take 5 working days in Jamaica and need to give the passport to the German embassy. I was hesitant to give my passport as my process in 221g, so i may get any time call from USA Embassy. Thanks -SK
  5. HI Nanda, Yo many connecting flights but without a Visa or transit Visa you can't move out of Jamaica. The only path as mentioned previously CostRica/Panama - Amsterdam - India. This path ticket is very costly. So have a good back up plan. Thanks -SK
  6. I have attended H1B stamping interview in Jamaica. There were around 28 people on the same day. Out of 28, 2 people have got 221g I am one among them and 2 was denied [From B1 to H1B]. Finger Print Session When I entered the finger print session the lady officer asked my passport and checked for few min's in her system and asked me scan all the 10 finger and then informed me that my dates with I797 is not matching with the dates in there system for I129. So she took the copy of I129 from her system and attached along with the passport and informed me that I will pass this to VO officer and officer has to decided whether they can provide me an visa or not. VO Officer Session Now I was asked to wait for few min's and asked to stand in the Visa interview line. VO officer called me Visa Interview Questions 1. Employer Name 2. Salary - Asked its inclusive of taxes 3. Married 4. How many kids and were they are staying Then VO Officer provided me a pink slip along with the my passport and all other documents and said it will take normally 6 months to resolve. Now I took the pink slip and all the documents and came out and called my employer and informed about the same. Before going into details on the next level I want to provide my background details. I was in my H1 extension and when I got my extension [i797] they given me for 1 year and my attorney requested again for 3 years as the case was genuine. I got 3 years of extension [i797]. So from the above information my dates are not properly reflected in the embassy system and employer called attorney and they immediately mailed to uscis. Luckily uscis responded back within few minutes and they said it would be updated and it will 24 hours of time. Now I need to wait for date to be updated in embassy. Then uscis responded to my attorney next day my date has been updated, now with that email my lawyer mailed embassy, within few min's I got a reply mail from embassy that I need to come for another interview next day. Second day I went to embassy the VO office did not asked me anything except one question. When I am flying back, I said want to fly on Friday so he asked me to collect the passport on the same day by 2:00 PM because next day was Friday [July 4th] which is long week end. So it was cleared with 3 days of time from the day of interview. VO Officers are really helpful and friendly. The car driver "RIED"[whtsApp - 8764207102] was really helpful as I was looking for other option's to go to India, I have went to all embassy[German, UK and Canada] also spoke with Travel Agents [Total Travel Agent opposite to German Consulate ]. Some travel agent say that we can travel through Germany without transit visa but it’s not true I have checked with German consulate and they said without transit visa you can't travel to home country. Note : Without Germany, UK or Canada transit visa it’s very difficult to travel back to home country. I gone up to Indian High Commission in Jamaica even they are helpless. So if you are planning to go for Jamaica Visa Interview I would suggest have a good back up plan. If you want to travel to India without any transit visa only one option is left is getting a ticket through Panama City, Amsterdam and India but the cost is $2800 per person. So this is my experience and if you need any help you can message in the forum I can reply you. Best of luck Regards SK
  7. Hi Siva, we have already have 4 people and booked a room. So i don't think there is room for you..Sorry.. Thanks -Suresh
  8. Hi r30060, I have replied back to your email. Thanks and Regards -Sk
  9. Hi Banam, you can see my email id in my display name Thanks and Regards -Suresh
  10. HI Banam, You can reach me at *************dot sivaprakash at gmail dot com. If unable to reach give me your email id. i can send an email from my end. Thanks and regards -Suresh
  11. HI, I have a visa interview on Jun 30th 2014, I have booked the Knutsford court hotel from Jun 28th to Jun 2nd, if any one want to share the accommodation let me know or you can reach me at my email id. My Email id : ************** at gmail dot com Thanks and Regards -SK
  12. Hi I've my visa appointment at Kingston Jamaica on June 30th. I haven't booked an accommodation yet and I am willing to share my accommodation. Please email me if interested. email id : ************dot sivaprakash at gmail dot com Thanks and Regards -Suresh
  13. M_04_12_07

    Stay at jamaica for June 30th stamping

    Hi Chandra/Ravi, I am waiting for your reply. Thanks -SK
  14. M_04_12_07

    Stay at jamaica for June 30th stamping

    Hi Ravi/Chandra, Let me know whether i can also join the accommodation. I am also having a Visa interview on June 30th. Kindly reply me with your email id. Thanks -SK
  15. Hi, I have my visa interview appointment on June 30, 2014 at Kingston, Jamaica. If anyone has the interview date on same date and ready for the shared accommodation, could you please let me know on my e-mail ************** at gmail dot com Thanks and Regards -SK