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  1. I need help from experts out here. I was given 221g and have been remotely working and getting paid in US dollars. I work in EVC model and I am an employee of a Desi consulting company with about 60 employees. Could any one please direct me to a good CPA firm with whom I can file taxes for 2011. From the little information I gathered looks like I need to file exemption from US and file taxes in India. Responses from folks who worked remotely during 221g processing and filed taxes would help. Thanks.
  2. VFS will pass ur inquiry to Consulate and they should call u back again.Keep an eye on ur phone. Did u send ur case number, passport number etc to VFS?
  3. Prasad

    221g-Remotely working from India

    Thanks mantmo, I am also filing through regular process rite now.
  4. Prasad

    221g-Remotely working from India

    @mantmo, Can u please let us how u r proceeding with your taxes.
  5. Prasad

    221g-Remotely working from India

    Can u plz share ur contact number. U can get my email ID from my profile ID. Here is the link I was talking abt and u can google more http://**************** @mantmo, Please let us how u r proceeding with your taxes. I too was working m from India since May 2011.
  6. Prasad

    221g-Remotely working from India

    U don't have to tell the VO unless u choose to if u are swtiching ur employment to a new company.
  7. Prasad

    221g-Remotely working from India

    I am getting paid in USD, but I read some online articles which says we have to file taxes in India and pay exemption from US taxes and there are some rules to it. Did u contact any CPA?
  8. Hi Raj, did u schedule your interview, it was just walk in. Would u also please post what questions u were asked and what documents u carried. Do u mind sharing ur contact info, u can get my email ID from my profile.
  9. @aanaluguru, what other documents we need to carry other than the reaffrimation copy. I am in similar boat like u.
  10. @Rajthewizard Please post ur updates.
  11. Prasad

    DS160 questions Urgent

    I need some help with questions in the temporary visa section in the DS160 Where do u intend to work? Name of Employer, Addressline1, line2, city, state , zip, phone number and Salary. I tried googling for it and some say should give Employer name, client address and some say Employer name and Employer address. What should be my answers. If I give Client address, I don't have a phone number yet, so which number shall I give there?
  12. In the DS 160 Temporary work visa question, there is a question which says where do u intend to work and then the following? Name of Employer Address, phone number I will be working at a Client location, so what shall I mention Client location or Employer location. If I mention client location, what should be the phone number as I dunno the phone number yet. I searched a lot on this and find multiple answers. One is enter Employer Name, Employer Address and other is Employer name, Client address. If I have to enter Client address, I am stuck at the phone number as to which number to enter.
  13. Prasad

    H1B Visa interview at Hyderabad consulate (EVC)

    Please list the questions your were asked and your answers.
  14. Thanks, do u mean Employer address and Employer location?
  15. Well technically speaking any EVC model is the same, So I want to know the mantra which is helping ppl get stamped vs 221g denail. Since mine is fresh petition/new job, I can atleast check with my employer if he can follow the best possible way to maintain EE. I am yet to start work for the company.
  16. Would u plz share how best to answe the EE relationship questions. Please share ur contact details, U can find mine from my profile. Its sunitasid at y dot com
  17. @tinkusep19, Congrats. Can u please share ur contact details, u can find my email address from my profile, its sunitasid @ y dot co dot in. I am in process of attending interview again after 221g, talking to u will be of great help.
  18. Prasad

    chennai stamping successful EC Model

    Congrats and Thank u so much for posting ur experience. I have in the same boat and planning to attend interview end of this month. I have sent an email to ur address, can u plz reply back.
  19. @sg1010, check this link http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/nri/other-news/Consultant-living-in-India-working-for-US-clients-Here-are-the-tax-implications/articleshow/11436866.cms U might want to talk to CA abt the same..
  20. Hello Rajesh, Could please post ur visa interview experience, wht questions u were asked and lastly are u in EC or EVC model?
  21. Prasad

    Successful H1B Stamping Vancouver Jan 9

    Congrats and thanks for posting ur experience. What is your work model EC or EVC?
  22. Prasad

    State Name Typo in LCA - H1B stamping impact

    Hi Rajesh, I am not sure of the procedure, but my sincere suggestion try to find out the impacts..if needed fix it before going for interview rather than inventing unnecessary problems. Perhaps check with ur attorney and Department of Labour regarding LCA correction.
  23. Hi Shilpa, if living outside of India u can attend interview at ny US consulate in India. The rules applies to ppl who are in India for more than 6 months before attending the interview.
  24. Congrats and Thanks for posting. Can u please brief ur answers too.