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  1. VFS will pass ur inquiry to Consulate and they should call u back again.Keep an eye on ur phone. Did u send ur case number, passport number etc to VFS?
  2. Prasad

    221g-Remotely working from India

    Thanks mantmo, I am also filing through regular process rite now.
  3. Prasad

    221g-Remotely working from India

    @mantmo, Can u please let us how u r proceeding with your taxes.
  4. Prasad

    221g-Remotely working from India

    Can u plz share ur contact number. U can get my email ID from my profile ID. Here is the link I was talking abt and u can google more http://**************** @mantmo, Please let us how u r proceeding with your taxes. I too was working m from India since May 2011.
  5. Prasad

    221g-Remotely working from India

    U don't have to tell the VO unless u choose to if u are swtiching ur employment to a new company.
  6. Prasad

    221g-Remotely working from India

    I am getting paid in USD, but I read some online articles which says we have to file taxes in India and pay exemption from US taxes and there are some rules to it. Did u contact any CPA?
  7. I need help from experts out here. I was given 221g and have been remotely working and getting paid in US dollars. I work in EVC model and I am an employee of a Desi consulting company with about 60 employees. Could any one please direct me to a good CPA firm with whom I can file taxes for 2011. From the little information I gathered looks like I need to file exemption from US and file taxes in India. Responses from folks who worked remotely during 221g processing and filed taxes would help. Thanks.
  8. Hi Raj, did u schedule your interview, it was just walk in. Would u also please post what questions u were asked and what documents u carried. Do u mind sharing ur contact info, u can get my email ID from my profile.
  9. @aanaluguru, what other documents we need to carry other than the reaffrimation copy. I am in similar boat like u.
  10. @Rajthewizard Please post ur updates.
  11. Prasad

    H1B Visa interview at Hyderabad consulate (EVC)

    Please list the questions your were asked and your answers.
  12. Thanks, do u mean Employer address and Employer location?
  13. Well technically speaking any EVC model is the same, So I want to know the mantra which is helping ppl get stamped vs 221g denail. Since mine is fresh petition/new job, I can atleast check with my employer if he can follow the best possible way to maintain EE. I am yet to start work for the company.
  14. Prasad

    DS160 questions Urgent

    I need some help with questions in the temporary visa section in the DS160 Where do u intend to work? Name of Employer, Addressline1, line2, city, state , zip, phone number and Salary. I tried googling for it and some say should give Employer name, client address and some say Employer name and Employer address. What should be my answers. If I give Client address, I don't have a phone number yet, so which number shall I give there?