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  1. guest33

    Documents Required for Online Filing

    Hello, I'm leaning towards not submitting any documentation for items #1, #2 and #3 mentioned in my original post. I would really appreciate it if experienced folks could offer some advice. Thanks, Shyam
  2. Hello, I'm in the process of filing my N-400 application online. I have a few questions on the required documents/evidence. 1. I'm a divorcee. So, in addition to my divorce decree, do I need to attach marriage certificate in the additional documents section? 2. Should I attach any copies of traffic citations? I don't have copies of all. 3. There was a mistake in my name in an older passport - it was written in reverse. I have listed this under "other names used", but it is not a name change. Should I attach any documents in support of the same? Any insight/help on this will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  3. guest33

    N-400 - Bio-metrics Wait Times

    Hello, any updates on this?
  4. guest33

    Citizenship - to apply or not to apply?

    On reading the responses again, I'm not sure if the renunciation question was clear enough - I was referring to renunciation of US citizenship. Any thoughts?
  5. Hello, I'm planning to file my N-400 online before Oct 20. I have a planned 3-week trip to India on Dec 7. My field office is in San Jose. Does that give me enough time to file and do my bio-metrics before my trip or should I wait until I return to file? What is the typical wait time for bio-metrics screening these days? I would appreciate it if somebody could respond with recent processing times in the area. Thanks.
  6. guest33

    Citizenship - to apply or not to apply?

    Your responses are much appreciated. Thanks!
  7. I'm a Green Card holder (Indian national) who is interested in applying for US citizenship. The primary motivation is just the convenience factor of being able to work in the US and live anywhere indefinitely. There is also a perception/fear that GC laws may change for naturalization, long future wait times etc.. The question I have is around renunciation of citizenship. How difficult is it and how long of a duration does it take to relinquish citizenship? Also, is my decision to apply for citizenship the right one considering my motivation?
  8. Hi, I got my GC approved recently, but I have a pending EAD/AP. Is it possible to cancel the processing of EAD/AP and retrieve the filing fees in this scenario. Do I need to call USCIS? Experts, please advise...your help will be much appreciated. Thanks.
  9. guest33

    July Bulletin: Lets track EB2 Approvals

    Hi, My PD is October 16th 2006, EB2 India. I contacted the USCIS 1-800 number and all I got was that my case was in pending status. They did raise an SR but wouldn't let me know the center where it is being processed. All I know is that it was transferred from CSC. I was thinking of an Infopass appointment. Is it advisable to do so? I see 4 types of appointments and the one that fits my situation somewhat is the following: " Case Services follow-up appointment - If it has been over 45 days since you contacted NCSC and have not received a response to your inquiry. You must bring the Service Request ID Number related to your inquiry to the appointment. " Has anybody done this after contacting USCIS over the phone? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.