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  1. subram001

    L1 Visa - Weekly travel

    Hello Experts If I obtain an L1 Visa [L1A or L1B], can I do a weekly travel job [uSA <> Canada]? Are there any implications? Should an L1 Visa holder MUST be a resident in US?
  2. This is the reply summary from the MN DMV. Hope this helps others ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ If you are not becoming a MN resident, you are not required to obtain a MN license and you can drive on your Canada license as long as law enforcement can read and understand the type of license you carry in Canada. You cannot hold 2 valid licenses at the same time __________________________________________________________________________________________________
  3. Hello If I do a travel job between Canada and USA [mostly on a TN] [1] Should I get a US Drivers License if I want to drive a rental vehicle in US? Or can I continue to drive with my Canadian DL? [2] Is there a time limit on using the Canadian DL [assuming week ends in Canada]? [3] Earlier when I was in US, I had the USA DL? Will that be of any help to secure a US DL now?
  4. Thanks a lot JoeF and jairichi for the quick reply
  5. Hello I was on H1B and had my SSN. I left US in 2011. Now I am planning to re-enter US on TN Visa [1] Trust my SSN [Number] is valid [2] Once I enter US on TN, should I reapply/renew my SSN?
  6. subram001

    B1/B2 with Annotation - Travel for Business

    To GcLLC Yes. Canadian PR
  7. Hi Experts I obtained B1/B2 Visa for personal purpose. It has the Annotation: .. Permanent Resident Can I use the same for Business purpose, if required? Any prior confirmation required?
  8. Hello Experts Please refer to the Green Card Employment Program (1) Is there a time limit for the application [for the year 2014/2015]? (2) How can one apply for the same? Direct to the US Companies? (3) If approved, when can one start working?
  9. Hello Experts How the recent changes will affect the TN Visas (especially Canada) (compared to H1B)?
  10. subram001

    Regarding Canada Visa for H1B stamping

    Hi Your earlier H1B letter to Canada consulate is to get the Canada visa. It is not tied to that. If you already have the Canada Visa (or if it is under process) no issues.
  11. Safe to travel, definitely But why are you not doing the Visa stamping in India (for the extension)? It will save you lot of headaches in future...
  12. Hi As long as you have the Old Passport copies and Police Compliant copy and you submit in person (where you can explain in detail, if required), you should be fine Also check whether you can/need to file a Police compliant in Chennai referring to the Singapore complaint. It will also support you.
  13. Hi Should not be an issue. As long as you have the Visa stamping in your Old Passport (and carry it along with you), it should be fine.
  14. subram001

    Tourist Visa Canada

    Please check the Consulate site Earlier it was same day issuance (AM - Submit, PM - Collect)
  15. Hello What is the procedure to continue in H1B in USA when a person's Nationality changes (Citizenship)? Since the H1B Visa will be in the previous Passport, how this is handled