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  1. columbusdude007

    I 130 and visitor visa

    What about an F1 Visa? Will the Consulate also reject a Student Visa after an I-130 has been filed?
  2. columbusdude007

    I130 check list

    As a follow up to my earlier question, where (which USCIS Office) do we file the following forms? Sponsor (GC Holder) lives in Philadelphia.I-130 for Sponsor - GC HolderI-130A for SpouseI-485 (CP) for Spouse?
  3. columbusdude007

    I130 check list

    F2A is current! - I am in the US and GC Holder, I am getting married to a girl in India shortly. I believe I have to file an I-130 first. Can I file I-130 +{ (I-130A +I-485) for my spouse) } Concurrently?
  4. columbusdude007

    Green card for spouse

    Can some one help me with the detailed steps like:1. What documents are to be attached with the Form I-130,2. If I live in Delaware and my spouse is in India, where do I file the Form I-130? If someone can paste a link from a website, that would be appreciated.
  5. The 'No-Immigration' folks are baying for blood and a wall around the US. Who knows what is in store? Might as well apply in both categories.
  6. columbusdude007

    Green Card holder Uber

    I have 2 questions:1. When an LPR files I-130 for wife and below 21 y/o son, do we get 2 Receipt notices (1 each for wife and son) or 1 Receipt Notice (Only for Wife)?2. If the applicant is from India, is the Preference category F2A and the current PD is 15th April, 2015. Is that correct?In this case the applicant has got only 1 Receipt Notice - for the Wife and when applicant enquired with Attorney, was told that children below 18 yrs are included in Wife's Receipt Notice and don't get a separate Receipt Notice.Is it true?
  7. columbusdude007

    Priority date retention applicability for EB categories

    I am on Derivative EAD through my dad. I have completed my MS in Electrical Engineering in the US and have been working on EAD with a Desi Consulting Company. The PD is 2005 since it was filed in EB3I Category. 1. Can I file a new Perm and I-140? 2. If so, will it have any impact on my current status? 3. Does anything from my derivative petition help in any way? Thanks for your help.
  8. columbusdude007

    DMV unable to verify my status(I-94)

    Sound advice. Before I got on this forum, I shot off an email like below to the DPS, TX. Thoughts/Advise? I am a Legally admitted Alien waiting for Adjustment of Status for a Green Card. I have a valid I-797 (Notice of Action) and am currently enrolled as a Full Time student at the University of Houston in the Undergrad Program. I recently got a communication from TXDPS that my Drivers Licence was due for renewal and I had to personally visit the nearest DPS Office to get my Drivers Licence renewed. When I showed up at the DPS Office, the official scanned my I-797 and asked for my I-512 and I-766 (both of which I have applied to be renewed) and scanned those documents also. Then the official said that I had to get my I-512 and I-766 renewed before I would be eligible to get my Drivers Licence renewed! I submit that the Only basis for my Legal admission and stay in the US is my Adjustment of Status Receipt Notice, that is I-797 and that should be sufficient with my Foreign Passport to prove my legal status in the US. The purpose of I-512 is limited to allowing me admission into the US, if I choose to travel outside the US - in other words, if I do not intend to travel outside the US, I do not need to have a valid I-512! The purpose of I-766 is limited to authorizing me to work legally in the US without any restrictions only. In other words, if I choose not to work in the US, I do not need to have a valid I-766! As I have stated above, insisting on the above 2 documents to renew my Driving Licence is not right as they are NOT the documents that prove my Legal Status in the US!! I would appreciate it if you could advise me on the next steps to get my Drivers Licence renewed, without insisting on I-512/I-766 documents!