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  1. Thanks for your reply. Does that mean the H4 EAD extension be applied in April 2020 with existing valid H4 and newly approved H1 instead of extending H4 with newly approved H1 and then applying for H4 EAD extension? I have read about H4 EAD extension receiving an RFE when filed with valid old H4 and new H1, so checking again. Thanks!
  2. My spouse got H4 (valid until Aug 2022) approved, applied with my H1 transfer (which got approved until Aug 2022). My spouse also has H4 EAD valid until Oct 2020. I changed employer recently but did not apply for H4 extension (as existing H4 still got validity until Aug 2022).Can I apply for H4 EAD extension in April 2020 with existing valid H4 and newly approved H1 and valid I140?Thanks
  3. Hi, My H1 6 year term ends this November. My wife is working on H4 EAD. Due to personal reasons, I am planning to leave to India for good in May. But my wife wants to work until end of year. So my questions are: - If I leave US in May can I claim the unused 6 months of my H1 term to return to USA later if I want to come back to USA on JH1 - Can H4 EAD continue working while H1 is not present in USA for longer duration? Thanks Krishna
  4. Hi, Any one who got 'Request for initial evidence'? Does that follow with a general RFE? I am bit tensed, if you have faced/heard of it please share as much as you know/heard. Thanks in advance Kranthi
  5. kk3399

    Need help - on H1b - job change

    Could someone pour ideas please.....
  6. Hi, my background : 2005 - 2009: worked as software developer for a comp in India on asp.net etc 2010 - 2011 May: came to US for Masters Joined as a direct employee in a reputed healcare IT in June 2011 and got converted my F1 to H1. Currently on the same H1 visa which is valid till Sep 2014 (got my passport stamped too). The current work I am doing is not related to my past experience and is outdated; so I am not finding my job interesting also my current comp files GC in EB3, so thinking to change job (primarily for job satisfaction). I am not working on technologies that I worked on earlier; so for changing job I have 2 options, search a new employer or join a consultancy. -If I find a new employer with some preparation, I might get fired as I am not working on those technologies and may need some time before I get fully functional at work. - If I get into a consultancy (through H1 transfer): if I find it good, stay with them and get my GC done too; else I can take permanent position with any of the clients that I work with in my job. I am in the assumption that consultancies run pay checks even when their employees who are on H1 are unemployeed (for a limited time though). Please correct me if I am overlooking anything and let me know your ideas/suggestions. Thanks Kiran