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  1. Don't worry that's how it will show even for approved ones...it will show as admin processing until the visa is printed...then status will change to Issued...u will get an email after that..
  2. itsmeraj001

    H1 Stamping at Nogales, Mexico

    Hey Applebee2016 ...please check ur messages in this forum sent u a message...please respond
  3. itsmeraj001

    H1 Stamping at Nogales, Mexico

    Hey epech, Congratulations...can you share your questions...if you can share your contact details i can call you...am planning for 21 or 22nd
  4. itsmeraj001

    H1 Stamping at Nogales, Mexico

    Am planning for 3rd week... Count me in...lets get in touch
  5. kkk1982 and ttom am planning for H1b Visa Stamping as well at Nogales during Nov 13th to 18th weekend...Please give me your contact details i can contact you
  6. itsmeraj001

    H1B Stamping @Hyderabad Nov 21

    I am planning for November 25th
  7. itsmeraj001

    Matamoros December stamping

    Do we need visiting visa for Mexico for attending h1b stamping
  8. itsmeraj001

    221g Admin Processing White Slip Hyderabad

    Hey Vinay can you provide your contact details... We can discuss!
  9. itsmeraj001

    221g Admin Processing White Slip Hyderabad

    Hey Vinay, mine is similar situation to yours but I have stamping on 17th of November..need to talk to you... Can u give me ur contact details email or something so we can talk
  10. itsmeraj001

    Canada Visitor - stay Duration

    you can stay upto 6 months i think...but not really sure..
  11. itsmeraj001

    Does DS-160 really expires after 30 Days??????

    After 30 days the saved DS 160 will be expired and cannot be retrieved if you did not submitt... But what you can do is save the DS160 to a file...when you click save there's an option to save into file...it will be saved as .dat file...so after 30 days if you want to save some time for entering all details again...you can use the Retrieve Application From File option and load the saved file...but PLEASE BE AWARE THAT this option will give you a different DS160 Application Number...
  12. itsmeraj001

    Case send back to USCIS

    Contact a good immigration attorney they could help you....Time lines at KCC and USCIS cannot be determined....it can take one month to several months....
  13. itsmeraj001

    Client Letter Question

    Generally it should not be an issue because your manager has already mentioned " So and so person works for company C (formerly known as...), in division D".
  14. itsmeraj001

    Successful stamping at Ottawa Aug 13th EVC

    Just take a Money Order at walmart for 150 US Dollar...to the order of Consulate General of Canada
  15. itsmeraj001

    DS 160 form Question

    US Address it is