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  1. If your case got dismissed means you were not convicted. Then why did you say yes when they asked if you were convicted?
  2. sand136

    Fake Experience in Resume

    Organisations usually terminates the employment.
  3. sand136

    Can H1B holder get 1099-Misc on top of W2 ?

    Don't we all get 1099 from bank on savings account for interest earned?
  4. I believe this is different for each person. I have certification related to my job and 8 years of experience. No rfe was received nor did I do any educational eval. I also know a friend who does consulting and has mech engineering degree and he too had no issues. Good luck.
  5. sand136

    Are 7th H1B extensions getting approved?

    Many got approved. Why you ask?
  6. You should be able to change jobs based on previously approved I140. To know if your old 140 is still valid, ask your old employer again if he revoked it or check the uscis website for its status using case number(might not be up to date). I changed few jobs based on the I140 from my 1st employer. For every visa transfer I used the A-number from that approved I140. It helped in getting 3 years validity.
  7. i have ece degree as well. Did 2 transfer this month and they both got through just fine.
  8. sand136

    Joining previous employer

    Hello, I have a question regarding H1b transfer. I was with employer A, till Jan 2017 at location A. In Feb 2017 I joined employer B. I work from home and still live close to location A. I want to go back to employer A at same location A. This employer A has told me that he did not revoke my previous H1b with him. So the question is, does this Employer A have to do H1b transfer for me or can we still use the previous H1b? Thanks