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  1. sandipdjadhav

    H1B LCA Certified meaning?

    Hello, Just received email from employer that LCA is certified. Is that mean I got selected in H1B lottery? Any help on this is highly appreciable. Thanks much Sandip
  2. Jairichi, I was in same case and it is denied. I don't know exact reason we have not yet receive actual papers. below is details- First H1B from Nov 2007 to 2010 2010 Changed Job , Got Approved Lets Say Employer 'A' 2011 Employer A filed GC , I-140 details - Received date: Feb, 01/2012, priority date: July 22nd 2011. On 2014 Found new Job and changed employer, base on Previous Approved I-140 got extension for 3 yrs i.e. valid upto Feb 2017.- Let say Employer B. Employer B has started GC Process which never came to I-140 level. Just advertisment on News Paper was done. Employer A has revoked I-140. On March 2015, New job offer. As per my current Attorney guidance as she said it is transferable I moved to new Employer C, filed regular process on July 2015 got RFE and asked additional documents like SOW etc. Responded within month. Employer B has cancelled everything after job channged to employer C. Dece 2015 we have for Premium Process for H1B Transfer and got RFE to why to extend H1B as I have already consumed 6 years. As per my Attorney I should get it as she was very confident but just on March 8th got denied notice. It will be highly appreciate if you can evaluate and see what could be reason? Your earliest reply is highly appreciable. Thanks Much Sadip
  3. Hi Srisha, I have exact situation like you, may I know you got H1B extension/transfer or not? Your earliest reply is highly appreciable. Thanks Much Sandip Jadhav
  4. sandipdjadhav

    H1B transfer to my old company?

    Hi Lad, Did you got transfer/extension? I have same scenario. Request you to please reply if you got extension for 1 yr or not.
  5. Hi Rohang, One of post from murthy forum. I have same senario. why I may not get Transfer? http://forum.murthy.com/index.php?/topic/96290-7th-year-h1b-transfer-and-got-only-1-year-based-on-previous-employers-i-140/
  6. hi Rohang, one more question base on employer A approved I-140 I got extension for 2017 and moved to B. Now moved to company C won't get extension till 2017? My I-140 is withdrawn after 2 years. Company C has done premium processing in 15 days we should come to know but want to know expert views also. This is what ***************** is saying in her blog:********************** 'Second, what if the H-1B transfer is approved, but the new green card process has not been started yet, and the I-140 petition is withdrawn? The H-1B transfer is still valid, but the next extension can only be granted if a new labor certification and I-140 petition are approved by the time the extension needs to be filed.' Thanks much
  7. Rohang, Much appreciate for your reply. Lets hope for best. I am here from 2007 Nov. How many days will be granted to pack up everything? I mean selling car etc is there.. is there any allowable time to exit out without being illegal in this country. Tks
  8. Hi, I need guidance please help me. I got I-140 Approved in 2014 from Employer A, within 1-2 months I changed job to Employer B. Got extension for 3 years that was valid until Feb 2017. Employer A has revoked my Approved I-140. and Employer B, started I-140 process but disconnected as soon as I moved to Company 'C'. Company C has started regular processing and from March 2015 and in between there was RFP for additional documents. Company C has responded that. On Dec 2015 company C has started premium processing and now got RFE again for why extension need to give after 6 year completed. As per my Attorney we should get extension what your view do you think i will get extension? If not and denied what options I have? I need to start H1B process after 1 year? Please guide me help me too much stress and tension. Thanks much
  9. sandipdjadhav

    President Obama's Immigration Plan

    All 'Legal' Immigrant, I want to ask what is use of 'legal' in this country when 'illegal' enjoying everything here. Why we have to wait and illegal don't have to wait to get EADs and then Green Card? Why my company has to pay for my H1B's fees when 'illegal' will get work authorization without any issue?
  10. sandipdjadhav

    Arrested in USA as illegal and bond money

    Hi, Do Murthy has office in Mumbai? Can you give me your no? Thanks Sandip
  11. hi, One of my friend is got arrested being illegal in US. He has to pay $10K as bond money to get release and deport. His father is trying to send money to person who is near to his (arrest/jail) location but he cannot send it. Don't know more information about that person. What is best way to pay bond money? Is Mumbai US consulate will be helpful? Please guide. Thanks Sandip
  12. All, I have another opportunity and new employer is ready to carry forward my GC process ( Already I-140 is approved). I have good relationship with my current employer is it possible to keep my GC process? Attorney said my Existing Company has to promise to give me job after I get GC. Is it possible to law fully they can reject me? Your earliest reply is highly appreciable. Thanks Sandip
  13. sandipdjadhav

    I-140 in process and extension

    Expert, Please help me to understand. My Labor is already approved and we have file I-140 in Feb. My I-797 says my visa is finishing on Feb 28th 2013. Am I eligble for Exension? I am just too much worried. Please please reply me. Waiting for your reply. Thanks Sandip