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  1. 5105791

    H1B - Status Question - URGENT

    Hi JoeF Thanks for responding. The visa was revoked after NoIR by USCIS. It is not employer initiated revocation.
  2. Hi All, Came to USA in L2 in 2008 L2 visa: 2008-2011 H1B visa: 2012-Jul 2019 (There were four months away from US due to a project in Canada and one India visit) H1B visa is approved till Dec 2020 but got revoked on June 26,2019 I-140 approved on Jan 14th, 2019 I-94 valid till Dec 31,2020 Questions : 1. Am I eligible to stay here now 2. Am I eligible to work? 3. When should I leave USA ? 4. Company X is applying for visa now. Can I work with it’s receipt number Appreciate your response! Thank you!
  3. 5105791

    N400 Online vs paper filing

    I believe the process-wise both will remain the same. My thinking is data entry errors could be avoided (as the applicant is typing everything!!)
  4. 5105791

    N400 online early filling

    I believe it is for both paper filing and online filing. It takes close to about 10 months as estimated case completion time.
  5. 5105791

    Lost I-485 receipt notice

    I believe I-485 receipt notice is not needed to re-enter the US.